Maher Says Trump’s Mar-A-Lago Was Not Destroyed By Irma, For ONE, Tasteless Reason

Comedian and atheist Bill Maher said following Hurricane Irma, he received all the confirmation he needed to believe there is no God.

Maher cited that properties President Donald Trump owns in Palm Beach, Florida or St. Martins were not damaged.

Although millions of people were devastated by the hurricane, Maher seems to believe that since the storm did not single out Trump there must be no higher power.

Per Breitbart:

On Friday’s broadcast of HBO’s “Real Time,” host Bill Maher stated the fact that none of President Trump’s properties in the path of Hurricane Irma were damaged by the storm shows that God doesn’t exist.

Maher said, “But here’s the most amazing thing of all, amid all the destruction in the path of that hurricane, neither Mar-a-Lago, nor Trump’s estate in St. Martin’s, nor any of his golf courses in the path got damaged at all. They all escaped almost completely unscathed, which just goes to show something I have always believed, there is no God.”

Check it out:


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