One Baltimore Raven Shared Why He Would Kneel And It’s Actually AMAZING

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Yesterday, the Baltimore Ravens and the Jacksonville Jaguars played one of the NFL’s international games in London. Even on foreign soil, players from both teams knelt during the playing of the US National Anthem. Ravens Outside Tackle Austin Howard, who recently signed a 3-year contract with the team, commented on why he would even kneel during the anthem; his response is gold. Per Independent Journal Review:

The Baltimore Ravens received their share of criticism for the national anthem protests which swept the NFL this weekend. Many Ravens players kneeled during the anthem while playing in London on Sunday. Ravens legend Ray Lewis could be found kneeling along with former and current Ravens players. However, one Ravens lineman was standing for the anthem and, after the game, shared a powerful message about why he would ever kneel.

Take a look:

I have so many thoughts, emotions and opinions about the unfortunate and current state of our country right now. It would be so easy so lash back with an unthought through response, and "go on the attack", but what would that do? Instead, I will pass along a message I recently read from a pastor that my wife and I have trusted and looked up to for years…. "If I take a knee during the national anthem, it would be two knees, so that I can pray for the evil and wrong in this world…" Mere men cannot make the changes that need to happen, only One can defeat all evil, and ease the pain this evil has caused so many. Lord I pray for this country, I thank you for blessing me enough to live in this great country, I pray for the hearts of those who have succumbed to hatred and evil. I pray that the message that those like me need to get across to others can be done in such a manner that truths and actual feelings may be clearly seen and understood. We are all different, and every single one of us were born in sin. It is only by Your Grace that we are able to wake up each and every day. Allow those who are in such positions to make positive changes by using their public platforms that you have blessed them with, do so in a manner that upholds all truth and brings honor to your Name and Kingdom. In Jesus name, Amen!!! #ISurrender #NFL #Trump #Anthem #Unity #Ravens

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A little more kneeling in prayer is what this country needs more of.