CONGRATS! Osama Bin Laden Shooter Celebrates Wedding

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The shooter who took out terrorist Osama bin Laden, Navy SEAL Robert O’Neill married his girlfriend of two years Jessica Halpin.

The beautiful occasion had a slight incident however, according to Daily Mail:

In the first exclusive interview since they married last month, Robert J. O’Neill and wife Jessica shared the story of their beachfront wedding on Cape Cod, their serendipitous first meeting and how they strive to live a normal life in the public eye.

Rob told DailyMailTV: ‘I realized that I had forgotten the rings on the way to the church. I called my friend, Shorty, who is a real problem solver, but he had no idea where they were. He managed to track them down and came racing to the church.

‘We had armed security in a perimeter around the church. Shorty mounted the car on the curb and came running towards the venue, reaching into his pocket. Security almost drew on him but he completely saved the day.’

Three years ago Robert stepped into the public eye when he revealed himself to be the man who took out the infamous terrorist:

Armed guards and security perimeters are outside the realm of a typical wedding planner, but since ridding the world of bin Laden in May 2011, safety is a number-one priority for the O’Neills.

Robert O’Neill, 41, was a member of SEAL Team 6 which conducted the May 2, 2011 raid on the 9/11 terrorist mastermind’s compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan. O’Neill came forward three years later and named himself as the man who fired the kill shots.

The 16-year veteran of the elite squadron left the military in 2012, four years shy of retirement, voiding his right to a pension. He was deployed on more than a dozen tours of duty in active combat, in four different warzones, including Iraq and Afghanistan. O’Neill was decorated 52 times for his service, leaving as senior chief petty officer.

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The two celebrated their momentous occasion in Chatham, MA and had a number of special guests:

When it came to his own wedding, Rob applied his Navy SEAL training. ‘I know what to expect, to plan routes and how many people to hire. Its security stuff that I’ve worked a career doing.’

Jessica, 27, told DailyMail.TV: ‘We got married at Chatham Bars Inn which is on the beach. Chatham police and the local sheriff’s department were out in full force. They were lined up around the perimeter and we were really safe. The venue was excellent and very calm about it.’

However the security presence didn’t dampen the mood and the wedding party rocked into the night to country singer, Tim Montana, who led the couple’s wedding band. The beach was covered with passers-by who stopped for a free concert.

There were a few famous faces at the wedding who asked to remain anonymous. Rob did reluctantly confirm that Kid Rock attended after photos of the singer escaped onto social media.

Pictures of the wedding can be seen here.