Finebaum And ESPN “First Take” Crew Try To Analyze Trump, Fail MISERABLY

SAN FRANCISCO, CA - FEBRUARY 05: A view of the logo during ESPN The Party on February 5, 2016 in San Francisco, California. (Photo by Mike Windle/Getty Images for ESPN)

Not only are the boys at ESPN whining liberal apologists, but apparently they are psychotherapists and behavioral experts too. On a recent episode of First Take, the network’s daily gab fest that poses as a “sports” show but really spends most of its time bashing conservatives and praising liberals, the talking heads broke down President Trump’s psyche. As often is the case on ESPN, the analysis was very wrong.

First Take is co-hosted by Stephen A. Smith and Max Kellerman. Molly Qerim is technically a co-host too but really only serves as a yes woman to the two mouth pieces, Smith and Kellerman. The most you’ll get out of Qerim is a “yes” or a “that’s right”. The other two pull no punches. They love themselves and their verbal diarrhea proves it.

Smith describes himself as a fiscal conservative and a social liberal. Translation: He’s a liberal. He’s fine with Kaepernick and kneeling during our anthem. That’s about all you need to know to decipher his politics. When not dropping names about who’s in his phone contacts, Smith is dropping bombs on Trump supporters.

While Smith tries to play both sides from time to time, Kellerman is a far left activist. Kellerman tells his viewers it is “fact” that police officers treat blacks differently than whites. He predictably sides with the Golden State Warriors when it comes to not visiting the White House because according to Kellerman, President Trump displays a “substandard behavior of decency”. This coming from Kellerman, a man who admittedly hit his then girlfriend, now wife, at a party. Thanks, Captain Good Behavior!

While Smith and Kellerman race bait and stir the pot daily, a recent guest takes the cake when it comes to snowflake madness. College football analyst Paul Finebaum weighed in on President Trump this past week and it was something special. Finebaum, who covers teenagers for a living, apparently knows everything about the 71-year old man in the Oval Office, President Trump. Even though Finebaum can hardly get his SEC predictions in order he can psychoanalyze Trump. Well, at least he thinks he can. Let’s see how he did.

Finebaum told the First Take crew lat week that “(Trump) does behave like a child”. Of course Smith and Kellerman took that as fact. But what does that really mean, Paulie? Which child? Are all kids the same? Does he act like ‘Clock Boy’ or Drew Carey’s kid or just some random child on the playground? Finebaum who is childless is apparently an expert on not only long snappers but whippersnappers as well, so only he can answer. But, we can imagine. Do you mean Trump fights for what he wants? Do you mean he hits back two times harder when people hit him? Well, then I guess he is a kid. A good kid from what we have seen so far. Finebaum should be careful generalizing about children. Isn’t that discriminatory in some way in Safe Space Land? It has to be. After all, this is a shot at Trump so what about all the great kids out there. They must be so offended by Finebaum’s comments.

Later in the same show, Finebaum continued to unload on Trump. “Who tweets at three AM in the morning when you’re supposed to be getting a little rest so you can wake up the next day and hopefully try to keep this country out of a nuclear war?”, Finebaum asked rhetorically. While cute and oh so tedious, this commentary is easily refutable. First of all, what is with this anti-Twitter thing? When Democrat Franklin Roosevelt went on the radio he was praised. Same for Democrat John Kennedy and television. Same for Democrat Barack Hussein Obama and the Internet. But when a conservative leader like Trump embraces the latest technology it is criticized. Secondly, what’s with the three AM nonsense? There’s an official, acceptable bedtime for all now? Tell that to our police officers and nurses and truck drivers. So what if Trump or anyone else tweets at three AM? The man is awake then. And? My grandmother is 93. She stays up until 2AM seven days a week. Others much younger hit the hay at 10PM. Aren’t we allowed the pursuit of bedtime happiness any longer? And for Finebaum to throw in his ridiculous reference to North Korea in the same comment makes him look even more silly. Isn’t it afternoon in North Korea when it’s three AM here? Even more reason for Trump to be awake. Or as our peaceful protester friends say–GET WOKE.

“I’ve never seen a leader act with this level of immaturity,” Finebaum continued. Really? Sex with interns, cigars, bowing to terrorists, constant lies. Was Mr. Finebaum asleep for a couple of decades?

Finebaum goes on to say he doesn’t know President Trump well, yet then tells us that Trump “thinks he is the smartest person in every room.” Says who? A college football reporter? Trump has proven just the opposite during his first year in office. At every turn, Trump has hired and appointed people that are experts in a particular field to tackle those specific issues. Trump often defers to General Mattis for military matters. Feinbaum is dead wrong. When it comes to business and rallying the forgotten man, Trump may believe he is the smartest man in the room. That’s OK though, because he actually is in those instances.

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After his lengthy hissy fit against the president Feinbaum has the audacity to say “I’m not against any side here”. Of course not.

Then Feinbaum unveils his big idea. He thinks a town hall should be scheduled in which President Trump speaks with LeBron James, Steph Curry and other athletes. Feinbaum thinks Smith should be the moderator. ESPN, still but hurt from Trump not filling out hi NCAA brackets with them like their pal Obama so gleefully did for years, rips into Trump every hour on the hour, then begs for him to join them in a televised get together. One that wouldn’t be slanted at all.

“I would love to have a president who would agree to something like that,” said Kellerman. “That would be really nice.” You know what would be nicer, Max? A sports network that actually covered sports.


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