A Liberal’s Nightmare Discovered: Philadelphia Loves Columbus Day

While the war on Christmas will likely heat up in the coming weeks, another holiday is also facing more and more scrutiny from liberals. There is undoubtedly a war on Columbus Day and more salvos are being fired.

Minneapolis, Seattle, Oklahoma City, and others have decided to remove Christopher Columbus’ name from the holiday. Those cities are instead calling the holiday Indigenous People’s Day. Earlier this month, the L.A. County Board of Supervisors joined the city, declaring that no later than 2019, the second Monday in October will be observed as Indigenous Peoples Day instead of Columbus Day in Los Angeles County. A slap in the face to not only those of Italian descent but to all traditional Americans. The good news is plenty of Americans are not giving in to this latest stab at revisionist history, instead choosing to fight back.

While Minneapolis, Seattle, OKC, L.A., and others are going with a hipster contrarian stance, Philadelphia isn’t budging. On Sunday, Philly held it’s 59th annual Columbus Day Parade and Festival and the crowds were packed in like a pound of prosciutto in a half pound wrapper. The pride in America, Italy, and yes–Christopher Columbus was everywhere.

The city of Philadelphia has done a lot of ridiculous things recently. A soda tax has crippled businesses there. Democrat politicians have opened their arms to illegals while shunning President Trump. But when it comes to Columbus Day, Philly is truly a champion of Rocky Balboa proportions.

The latest celebration took place on a less than perfect fall day. But despite some rain, the parade lasted for hours with Italian music delighting young and old alike. The aroma of delicious traditional foods filled the air. Legendary performer Connie Francis served as Grand Marshal of the parade. She had plenty of company.

The parade included bands, marchers, cheerleaders, service members, and school kids. Smiles were on everyone’s faces. The melting pot that is the United States was on display.

Families embraced all the day had to offer. There was even a big canoli debate. Still, some think this should be attacked. Even taken away. If you don’t like it, don’t participate. Why must the Left always call for the elimination of things they don’t agree with? That’s un-American to the core.

Fortunately, while some look to tear down Columbus and the holiday many of us look forward to every year, others are standing up and speaking out. Those in attendance in Philadelphia are appalled at the attack on their special day. “Christopher Columbus was a great man,” Angelo Foglietta said.

“Without him, we wouldn’t have the country as we know it. We’re here to celebrate our heritage and to honor Christopher Columbus.” He calls the renaming of the day to Indigenous People’s Day a “disgrace”.

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Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin who wrote Good Tidings and Great Joy: Protecting the Heart of Christmas, a book about the very real war on Christmas, has spoken up for Columbus Day too. On Columbus Day 2013 she wrote “Thank goodness for the determination of all bold explorers and innovators—yesterday and today—who don’t let the critics hold them back. May their courage and determination always inspire us to greater heights and encourage us today to seek responsible resource development opportunities.”

Those words are very poignant. The critics are rabid and nasty in 2017. You must fight for what you believe in and don’t give in to the progressive agenda. In New York City, vandals last month doused the hands of a Christopher Columbus statue in blood-red paint and wrote the words “hate will not be tolerated.” The “tolerant Left” is determined to scare. In their wacky world the NHL would include the Indigenous People’s Blue Jackets. The derangement runs that deep.

So on this Columbus Day let’s take a cue from Columbus himself. Be bold and don’t be afraid.

With Christmas, the secular Left refrains from mentioning the very word. With Columbus Day they are looking to change the name all together. It can’t happen if commonsense Americans have anything to say about it. Stand up and be strong just like the people of Philadelphia this weekend. Happy Columbus Day to all.

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