Deadly California Wildfire Erupted Overnight, Scorches Over 55,000 Acres

The state of California has been plagued with wildfires across their state this year including one in October which killed 42 people.

Another deadly wildfire erupted overnight in Southern California.

According to a report by ABC News, the wildfire jumped a major highway and has scorched over 55,000 acres:

Thousands of people were forced to flee their homes on Monday as firefighters battled a fast-moving wildfire in Southern California that has charred at least 55,000 acres of land, authorities said.

The report said no one has been killed from the fire, correcting an earlier report of one death:

Intensified by strong winds and harsh weather conditions, the fire was affecting structures in downtown Ventura early Tuesday, with multiple homes on fire near City Hall. Emergency officials originally said a person died in the fire, but later clarified that a dog was killed.

The wildfire shows no signs of slowing down:

The fire is pushing west toward the Pacific Ocean, officials said Tuesday afternoon. At 0 percent containment so far, critical fire conditions are expected until through Thursday and into Friday.

L.A. County Deputy Fire Chief David Richardson described the unpredictable conditions that firefighters are facing as they attempt to contain the blaze.

“You can only imagine the impact this weather is having on the fire front,” he said. “We’re chasing the fire and trying to get ahead of it. And we’re chasing multiple fronts.”

Google confirms multiple fronts to the wildfire:

Google Maps screenshot

Thousands of people have been evacuated:

More than 38,000 have been evacuated, officials said. Authorities have gone door-to-door to impose mandatory evacuations.

ABC News shared a video of the flames:

The network, during a segment of Good Morning America, reported the smoke from the flames could be seen from outer space.

ABC News/Good Morning America screenshot

First Lady Melania Trump responded to the news, saying she would be praying for all those affected by the wildfire.

She tweeted, “Thoughts & prayers to those affected by the wildfires in California. Thank you to all first responders for their heroic efforts.”


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