‘Hero’: Gun Wielding Woman Saves The Day In Police Scare, Liberals Have No Answer

Although constitutionally protected, the right to allow American citizens to carry a gun is often hotly contested between Democrats and Republicans.

Those who are seeking to confiscate guns and ban their ownership are on one side and those who wish to own a gun to defend their own lives, or the lives of others, are on the other.

The latter of the two was just exemplified when a gun-toting woman saved the life of a police office in Georgia.

The Daily Caller reports that after a police officer tried to help a homeless man, the homeless man attacked him and wrestled over his gun:

Luckily, a gun-toting woman sitting in her car at the Chevron witnessed the attack and got out of her car to shoot at the suspect. The sheriff’s office said she hit the homeless man at least once.

“She shot off a round. The guy got off the police officer and she shot another round and he was running that way I think, there was three shots,” said Aseem Kahn, the owner of the gas station.

The gunfire caused the homeless man to flee across the street to a McDonald’s, where he punched an elderly woman in the face and tried to steal her car. Several customers at the restaurant subdued the man and held him down until police arrived.

“They are the heroes because they kept him from injuring anybody else,” said Sharon Cheek, the shift manager at the McDonald’s.

“It could have been worse, mate, thank you for that lady who was carrying,” Kahn similarly said.

The county sheriff heralded the woman as a “hero” following her quick action and said she said the officer’s life.

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