Disruptive Student Protesters Face Punishment, So They’re Begging Colin Kaepernick To Help Them

Student protesters at Reed College in Portland, Oregon are begging Colin Kaepernick for help as they face punishment for a 48-day sit-in to protest the school’s ties to Wells Fargo bank, according to The College Fix.

The students cited Wells Fargo’s reported profits from prisons and support of the Dakota pipeline as reasons to sever ties.

A student leader for the protest desperate letter to Kaepernick, asking that he come to their rescue.

Check it out:

“I am writing to you because the black students and allies at Reed College in Portland, Oregon, are in desperate need of solidarity,” a student leader for the protest group, Reedies Against Racism, wrote in the Dec. 5 open letter to the former football player.

It continues:

“[P]unishments for students involved range from community service to threats of suspension/expulsion (based off of levels of involvement),” Reedies said, adding that the Reed College Student Judicial Board will mete out punishments.

Here’s more:

“Your presence at our school will inspire, and most importantly, inspire the people of color here. You took the knee and you were pushed out of your sport, your career for it, and though you not might be rising in your career as a football player, you are rising and you bring our people with you. I am humbled by your sacrifices and your dignity in our race,” their open letter states.

“You coming to our school (maybe even staying the night with us?), and personally telling our small, but majestic community of color what taking a knee meant to you would give them desperately needed hope,” it adds.

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More than four dozen students have reportedly been involved in activities including sleeping in the president’s office, hallways, and the faculty lounge.

Some staff members have gone as far as placing no-contact orders against some of the students after being harassed to such a degree.

The group, which calls itself “Reedies Against Racism,” has denied such harassment and said efforts to paint the group in a negative light are “a disingenuous and racist tactic of the administration to paint students of color in this way.”