WHAT?! Harvey Weinstein Wants To Keep Working In Hollywood

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Harvey Weinstein currently faces dozens of allegations against him of sexual harassment, sexual assault and a few cases of rape, but the disgraced Hollywood producer does not believe his career in the film industry is done yet.

When these allegations first came forward, the producer was fired from a company he helped to create: the Weinstein Company.

Weinstein claims he was wrongfully terminated and will be contesting the decision, per TMZ:

Harvey Weinstein is not giving up — not even close — he vows he’ll continue making movies, whether it’s with The Weinstein Co. or someplace else.

Weinstein’s showdown with TWC is set for Tuesday morning in NYC, where he will make his case by speakerphone that he was illegally fired and has a right to retake the reins. His lawyer, Patty Glaser, will be in the Board of Directors meeting to make the case.

Our Weinstein sources say he knows he’s “momentarily toxic” but thinks with a little time, writers and actors will seek him out again because of his track record. He believes — and probably rightly so — that TWC exists because of him. He believes he can go back and produce movies, or he can just as easily do it somewhere else.

Weinstein may still threaten the company with a lawsuit:

As one source put it, “Harvey’s like Judge Judy. She can do her show for CBS, but if she wanted to go to NBC she can do it because it’s all about her.”

Harvey may not be able to make his case Tuesday. There are rumblings the Board may fire Weinstein as the first order of business, then disconnect the speakerphone and throw Patty Glaser out of the meeting. If that happens, our Weinstein sources say they will 100% go either to arbitration or court.

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The Weinstein Company has tried to salvage its reputation and finances after giving Harvey the boot, but if Harvey is brought back on, the company could get blackballed by the over 40 plus accusers.

The Los Angeles Times reports many of the accused are actresses or directors:

Asia Argento, Actress/director

Rosanna Arquette, Actress

Jessica Barth, Actress

Kate Beckinsale, Actress

Juls Bindi, Massage therapist

Zoë Brock, Model

Liza Campbell, Artist/writer

Emma de Caunes, Actress

Florence Darel, Actress

Cara Delevingne, Actress/model

Sophie Dix, Screenwriter

Dawn Dunning, Actress

Angie Everhart, Actress

Claire Forlani, Actress

Romola Garai, Actress

Louise Godbold, Nonprofit director

Ambra Battilana Gutierrez, Model

Louisette Geiss, Former actress/screenwriter

Eva Green, Actress

Judith Godrèche, Actress

Heather Graham, Actress

Lena Headey, Actress

Angelina Jolie, Actress/director

Ashley Judd, Actress

Katherine Kendall, Actress

Mia Kirshner, Actress

Sarah Ann Masse, Actress/nanny

Rose McGowan, Actress

Emily Nestor, Former employee

Lauren O’Connor, Former assistant

Gwyneth Paltrow, Actress

Tomi-Ann Roberts, Actress

Melissa Sagemiller, Actress

Léa Seydoux, Actress

Jennifer Siebel Newsom, Documentary filmmaker

Lauren Sivan, TV reporter

Mira Sorvino, Actress

Lucia Stoller, Actress

Paula Williams, Model