His Son Was Killed By An Illegal, Now He Has A Message For Chuck Schumer And His “Tears”

A recent guest on Fox & Friends whose son was killed by an illegal immigrant isn’t buying Chuck Schumer’s tears, he says.

Jamiel Shaw, Sr. had a very specific message for the Senate minority leader (via Free Beacon).

Check it out:

“It’s like what Trump said, that was so fake,” Shaw said. “You know, I’ve been to funerals, candlelight vigils, you want to see real crying and hurt people, why don’t you show up there.”

“I know a lot of parents who cry every day, including myself,” Shaw continued. “That’s all we do is think about our loved ones, and to see him crying for terrorists and people we don’t even know who they are when he has Americans here, that he gives us no support, you know I could care less about Chuck Schumer.”

President Trump tweeted earlier this week that Schumer’s tears were a hoax, referring to him as “Fake Tears Chuck.”

Screen Shot 2017-02-01 at 2.05.11 PM

Watch the full interview here:

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