You Won’t BELIEVE What Bothered CNN’s Don Lemon About Last Night’s SCOTUS Announcement.

Last night, Donald Trump let the country know who he was nominating to replace Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court.

The country was officially introduced to Judge Neil Gorsuch and the vast majority of pundits and political expert believe he is an acceptable pick who will ultimately be confirmed.

But, that didn’t stop some liberal ideologues from doing their best to find a way to bash Donald Trump’s announcement.

Apparently, CNN’s Don Lemon was really annoyed that Donald Trump Jr. was in attendance.

From Newsbusters:

CNN’s immediate reaction to President Donald Trump’s nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court Tuesday night was surprisingly neutral, in fact, they almost seemed to laud the pick and the presentation. But later that night, the outlet’s Don Lemon seemed desperate to hammer the president as he grilled his panel on the attendance of Trump’s sons Don Jr. and Eric. “Some reporters also tweeted pictures of them speaking with Senator Orrin Hatch,” he warned, “What do you make of their attendance?

Most of his panel members didn’t have an issue with Trump’s adult children being there and seemed confused as to why Lemon was making such a big deal of it. “President Trump has promised that he would separate himself from his businesses,” Lemon ranted, “Eric and Donald won’t be involved in his political agenda, that’s what he said, or he won’t be involved in the businesses as well.

But Lemon was un-phased by their logic. “It’s not the inauguration. Come on,” he snapped, “Okay, so another historic moment and then another and then another.” The CNN host went on the defensive after it became evident that most of his guests didn’t share is opinion. “I’m just playing devil’s advocate…” he stated.

He also tried to re-write what happened at the SCOTUS announcement to solicit the response he was looking for. “Let’s just say it wasn’t his sons and it was the people running his business and they weren’t related to him. Would you want them showing up and mingling and talking to Senators,” he wondered.

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Seems like a bit of a reach, doesn’t it?

If CNN anchors are complaining about something this obscure it’s probably a pretty good sign that Neil Gorsuch is a solid candidate.


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