WATCH: Mainstream Media Pedals Fake News About Trump’s Visit To Japan

Mainstream media outlets have fumed over allegations of falsified stories and “fake news,” but they did themselves no favor today when several outlets largely misreported a story about President Donald Trump and Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

This morning, the two head of states were feeding koi fish and mainstream media outlets went wild with the story.

Washington Examiner reports a number of outlets criticized Trump over the incident:

On Monday, the two visited the Akasaka Palace in Tokyo, where they were both given boxes of fish food for the traditional feeding of the palace’s koi fish. The president and the prime minister both spooned in their feed a little at a time. Abe then dumped the rest of his box into the pond. Trump followed suit, spooning in just a little at first, and then dumping out the remnants of his box.

Simple enough stuff. There’s no way this gets reported incorrectly, right? Wrong. The simple act of feeding the palace’s koi fish somehow became a fake news event in the U.S. this week, and we have CNN and a handful of others in the press to thank for that.

Several outlets reported that Trump broke tradition and arrogantly dumped his box of food while Abe delicately fed the fish.

Take a look at some examples, per the Hill:

CNBC’s Christina Wilkie (in a now-deleted tweet): “Trump and Japanese PM Shinzo Abe were scheduled to feed koi spoonfuls of food. Until Trump poured his entire box of fish food into the pond.”

New York Daily News: Photo of Donald Trump dumping fish food into koi pond during Japan visit draws Obama comparisons

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The Guardian: “White House reporters, keen perhaps to pick up on a Trump gaffe, captured the moment when he upended his box on their smartphones and tweeted evidence of his questionable grasp of fish keeping. Some speculated that a poor palace employee would be dispatched to the scene to clean up the mess as soon as the two leaders disappeared inside.”

CNN: Trump feeds fish, winds up pouring entire box of food into koi pond

The story was terribly wrong, Trump respectfully followed the Japanese Prime Minister’s lead: