Sad! You Won’t BELIEVE Who Hillary Is Still Blaming For Her Election Loss

Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential run was one of the most underwhelming political campaigns in modern history.

She had the money, she had the establishment support, and she had the media in her pocket.

Ultimately, it wasn’t enough to overcome the fact that she just wasn’t a likable person.

It also didn’t help that she brought a tremendous amount of baggage with her stemming from her decades-long career in politics.

According to a recent report, Hillary doesn’t sound like she is ready to acknowledge those problems.

In fact, she is still blaming her defeat on President Obama.

From Washington Examiner:

To sum it up: Hillary Clinton‘s failed campaign team reportedly blames former President Barack Obama for their stunning loss last November, arguing that his White House didn’t do enough to combat the negative press resulting from her email scandal and from the allegedly Russian-led hacks.

The reported explained:

Clintonites feel that if Obama had come out early and forcefully with evidence of Russian interference in the campaign, and perhaps quicker sanctions, she might be president today. His caution, they argue, allowed the public to have a foggy sense of clear, calculated, consistent Russian meddling in the campaign.

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We can’t stress enough how upset some Democrats are. It’s testing relationships between Clinton and Obama loyalists. It’s making efforts to form a new Trump opposition coalition harder.

This seems like an unusual position for Hillary to take.

President Obama is still very popular in liberal circles.  If anything, you could argue that his popularity with the liberal base is one of the main reasons the election was close in the first place.

Clearly, Hillary’s campaign has not come to terms with the self-inflicted problems that plagued her campaign.