Here Are The Three NFL Players Who Protested The National Anthem On Veterans Day

Three players on the San Francisco 49ers knelt for the anthem on Sunday, a day that the majority of protesters hit the ‘pause’ button in honor of Veterans Day, according to The Daily Caller.

Eric Reid and Marquise Goodwin of the San Francisco 49ers knelt during the anthem. Olivier Vernon knelt on the opposite side of the stadium as a player for the New York Giants.

Check it out (via NY Daily News):

Players have been following Colin Kaepernick’s 2016 lead and kneeling to bring awareness to police brutality and racial inequality in the country, but it has been misinterpreted as disrespecting the American flag and sparked the outrage specifically of the president and his right-wing base.

Vernon’s father is a retired police officer but he has been kneeling since Week 3 anyway after the president’s disrespectful comments about players prior to that week’s set of NFL games.

No players protested during Sunday’s earlier games.