Sandy Bullock to Play One of Conservatives’ Most Despised Enemies in New Movie

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Hollywood sometimes fines strange projects to fixate on. There are a lot of people with big egos. So occasionally you see a ‘vanity project’ come out. Translation: a movie that no one wants to see but someone did for no good reason to feed his vanity or political agenda.

Not sure who decided that this would be a good subject to do a movie on, but this new movie starring Sandra Bullock certainly is in line with Hollywood’s progressive political agenda.

From Biz Pac Review:

Bullock reportedly will star in the upcoming movie “Let Her Speak” as Wendy Davis, a Texas state senator whose 11-hour filibuster helped derail Senate Bill 5 (SB5), an abortion bill that would have banned abortions after 20 weeks and raised clinic and hospital standards regarding abortions performed in the state.

Liberals were entranced with the 2013 story about Davis and her pink sneakers.

And of course, media paid a lot of attention to her because it fit the agenda.

Even former President Barack Obama tweeted his support.

It’s complicated, but the then-little-known Texas senator had hoped to ‘run out the clock’ on the bill with a 13-hour filibuster, but Republicans managed to end it at 11. However, the bill died as Dems were able to use procedural rules and a chanting crowd that Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst (R) called “an unruly mob using Occupy Wall Street tactics” to stall things until it was officially too late to vote.

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The crowd chanted “let her speak” over and over again, as if Republicans were somehow trying to silence a woman just because, well, women just shouldn’t speak in public.

That’s why the movie title is ‘Let Her Speak.’

Sandra Bullock is a good actress. Audiences are fond of her and she’s not known for offensively pushing her political views, like some in Hollywood.

That might be worth a little bit, and doubtless why she was chosen as she bears no resemblance whatever to Davis.

However, are you really going to plop done whatever ungodly price they are charging for movies now to see this movie? About a news event that flashed by in 2013?

Variety calls her “a national icon on the subject of abortion.”

Really? That’s a big stretch. And is anyone actually even talking about her now? Not sure ‘abortion hero’ is an attractive movie tease.

Maybe if they’d done the movie immediately after it happened.

But four years later, it just seems like a huge yawn on which, no one, even liberals, would spend their money.