Mark Levin On GOP Tax Bill: ’85 Percent Good, 15 Percent Not So Good’

American lawyer and radio/TV news host Mark Levin has been railing against the current Republican efforts to reform the tax code and highlighted a number of issues on his show earlier this week.

On Monday, he said he hopes both the House and Senate efforts will fail.

The bills include a number of tax cuts for corporations, but do little in comparison to help everyday Americans, Levin said.

Levin also criticized the plan because it is not an across-the-board tax cut for every American, per Conservative Review:

“Individuals … are to subsidize the tax cuts for the corporations,” Levin said, making sure to note he is wholly in favor of corporate tax cuts as well. “$1.5 trillion in tax cuts over a period of years — $300 billion of which essentially are on the individual side, $1.2 trillion on the corporate side. That is preposterous!”

He argues that achieving a more noble tax bill could have a negative response, which he called a “political setback”:

“I understand that this would be a political setback for the president. But I’m not interested in political setbacks, political progress, political this, political that — the president should get involved in it directly. The president should control this process the way Reagan did. If you leave it to these dunderheads, these knuckleheads in Congress, this is what you get.”

“My fear is that if it does pass, either of the [House or Senate] plans, that will be an enormous setback for the Republican Party and conservatives generally.”

CNS News reports a transcription for his Monday show:

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Below is a transcript of Levin’s comments from his show Monday:

Levin: “I got news for you, if it’s the House or Senate tax plan, I don’t want a tax plan …

Caller: “We agree.”

Levin: “… because these guys are nuts.

“They want to slash taxes for corporations. I don’t have a problem with that. But then they want to recover revenue on the backs of individual taxpayers. And they can talk about, ‘Oh, look at this. You’re gonna get a lower tax rate,’ while they’re taking away state and local property tax deductions and state and local income tax deductions and they’re trying to limit interest rate.

“You gotta read through this, everybody. You gotta read through this.

“They talk about this being the greatest tax cut in American history. That is a flat out lie.

“They’re creating a new higher tax rate. You know what that means? Less jobs – that’s what that means – because if people are giving more money to Uncle Sam they’re going to spend less money and invest less money. That’s what they’re going to do.”

He previously graded the tax reform bills, Conservative Review reports, saying they are “about 85 percent good, 15 percent not so good.”

Levin’s major criticism is that said Republicans are not “slashing taxes across the board”:

Levin explained how this is not tax reform. There are tax cuts, but the elimination of some tax deductions and tax credits is effectively a tax increase for some people.

“There should be no increase in taxes for anybody. For anybody,” he said. “You’re slashing taxes in one respect and yet you’re slashing deductions in another respect. It’s not something that I buy into.”

“As I say, it’s 85 percent OK, but the whole theory behind this is somewhat schizophrenic.”

Conservative Review reports Levin has been speaking out on the tax bill and what is really means for Americans:

“It’s absolutely a disgrace. And the president keeps saying this is the biggest tax cut in American history — no, it’s not,” Levin said. “So in order to reduce the corporate income tax, which I feel they should … they are slamming it to millions of Americans.”

Why? Because they “will not cut government,” Levin argues.

Levin recently called for the resignation of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan amid allegations there are members in Congress guilty of sexual harassment, per Breitbart:

“I’m calling on Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan to resign,” Levin said. “Not to be provocative or controversial, but if this sexual harassment has been going on – I’m quite serious about this – in the United States Senate, in the United States House of Representatives, and they are the leaders. The Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives since 2011. [Republicans] have controlled the Senate since 2015. And Ryan and McConnell have been around a long time, and they know, they know who is who, or they know about many of those who are who is who, they should resign. And I am quite serious about that.”