GOP And Rosie O’Donnell Feud Over New Tax Bill, He Sends Her RUNNING

House Republicans made history earlier today, passing the first tax reform bill in over 27 years, but that did not prevent their liberal counterparts from hurling insults.

Congressman Steve Scalise posted to Twitter following the vote, applauding his colleagues for passage of the new tax bill.

Rosie O’Donnell was not impressed, calling Scalise a “liar”:

Scalise’s southern roots were on full display when he replied, “Bless your heart”:

She responded, referencing the June 14th shooting at the congressional baseball game practice where Scalise was seriously wounded:

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Her exchange with other Twitter users was similar.

Someone commented, “You’re so classy Rosie. Literally tens of young, angry kids must want to be like you when they grow up.”

She replied, “classy? honey we r way past that – steve nearly [sic] killed in GOP stained shooting – rallies to vote for a bill that ROBS THE POOR – d**n him to hell. truly”

Scalise was asked about his exchange with her during a press conference today, per Fox News Insider:

Scalise smiled when asked about it by Martha MacCallum, saying that when liberals like O’Donnell have to “resort to the kind of name calling and cursing,” then “we won the argument.”

“Let the liberal elites cry because they lost the election,” he said, adding that the tax bill is indeed a boost for working families and businesses.