Senator Accuses GOP Of Working ‘For The Rich’, Orrin Hatch Instantly DROPS The HAMMER

Senator Orrin Hatch stunned everyone at a Senate Tax Hearing earlier this week when he became heated after a fellow senator accused him of working “for the rich,” according to Fox News Insider.

Sen. Sherrod Brown (D-OH) said Hatch was hurting the middle class on purpose.

Check it out:

“I really resent anybody saying that I’m just doing this for the rich. Give me a break,” Hatch boomed.

“You guys overplay that all the time and it’s getting old,” he said.

“Wait a minute, I’m not through,” Hatch said as Brown attempted to interrupt him to give a response.

“I come from the lower-middle-class originally so don’t spew that stuff on me,” Hatch said.

Brown continuously interrupted Hatch, claiming that he is also tired of wealthy Americans “getting richer and richer” as a result of GOP politics.

Hatch responded, calling Brown’s comments “bullcrap.”

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Here’s a clip: