Republicans Raising Taxes?

Dear GOP Politicians Controlling Congress and the White House:

You’re arguing that reducing the corporate tax rate ultimately creates jobs. I agree wholeheartedly; been preaching it forever!

But, see, the same applies overall to Main St. Once small business and individual’s income taxes are reduced proportionate to your proposed corporate tax reductions, WE can expand our small busineeses and personal buying power… thus more jobs created. See?

Just like that obfuscating Obamacare rollout, this tax reform rollout buffalos the people with distractions in what you call “tremendous tax cuts for the middle class.” (For example, eliminating common deductions that average American homeowners rely on – in order to “pay for” your corporate cuts, thus pleasing Wall St. – results in far less tax reform benefit than what you’re selling.)

Important to us is you understand that when you allow the little guy to keep more of what we earn, then all boats rise.

GOP: both you and the democrats got us $20+ trillion in debt, with tens of trillions more in unfunded liabilities you never talk about. Hard to trust you’re any smarter today with questionable tax reform promises than you’ve been with all your decisions that have clobbered the middle class with high taxes due to constantly, CONSTANTLY overspending and growing government.

What happened to years of campaign promises to reduce average workers’ taxes expeditiously with a Fair or Flat across-the-board tax plan that lets us keep more of what we earn, which actually helps Main St? And your promises that our April 15 IRS form will fit on a postcard. And promises to balance the budget. And to create smaller, smarter government.

Thanks for working on tax reform. But your proposal isn’t good enough. Evidence is watching the well-connected on Wall St. and K St. grin today, while we’re left scratching our head, and in distrust.

So as your bosses, we say keep at it. And with faith that you walk and chew gum simultaneously, address our debt’s enormity.

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With all due respect,
Sarah Palin

“Never underestimate the wisdom of the people.”