Must See: New Video Shows The Real Danger In Trying To Flee North Korea

A new video shows a North Korean defector was shot several times as he attempted to flee the oppressive country last week.

The former soldier of the North Korean Army, drove his jeep to the country’s border with South Korea crossing the border on foot.

It was then that a couple North Korean soldiers followed the man, firing over 40 rounds at him with AK-47s and pistols; the defector collapsed 150 feet south of the border after reportedly being shot nearly half a dozen times.

The video confirms the rogue regime broke an international armistice agreement by firing across the border of the two countries.

The northern soldiers also reportedly crossed the Military Demarcation Line during the chase, another violation of an international agreement.

Per Daily Mail:

The video, which is divided into five sections, takes place over just a matter of minutes.

Beginning at 3.11pm local time, the defector can be seen speeding towards the MDL in a Jeep before appearing to get stuck in a ditch.

In part two, at 3.14pm, North Korean soldiers can be seen frantically heading towards the defector, who continues his daring escape on foot.

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Part three shows the moments the armistice was seemingly violated, when Korean People’s Army (KPA) shoot in the direction of the defector, and one can even be seen crossing the MDL before realizing his mistake and retreating.

The fourth part of the video sees a group of North Korean soldiers apparently coming together to address the situation before the final part of the video, which lasts a total of seven minutes, shows South Korean soldiers inching towards the defector and dragging him to safety.

The man has since recovered after spending several days in the hospital:

The soldier, who was shot five times and underwent multiple surgeries, has regained consciousness but needs further treatment, his surgeon Lee Guk-jong, said in a separate news conference Wednesday.

‘The reason that he defected, risking death and facing a barrage of gunshots, was because he had positive hopes about South Korea,’ Lee told reporters.

The barrage of bullets caused internal organ damage and stuck five different areas of the body, but after a pair of life-saving surgeries, he is expected to live.

Click here to view the graphic video.



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