Woman Duped Big Time On Black Friday! Mistakenly Spent $100 For Small Box Of Potatoes

Some experts have predicted Black Friday sales this year will be off the charts, including nearly $20 billion in products sold.

Per Daily Mail:

Meanwhile, the Black Friday mayhem began at 5pm on Thanksgiving Day as thousands of bargain hunters rushed inside stores across the US in search of amazing sales, door buster deals and limited-time offers as experts predict 164 million Americans will spend nearly $1,000 each over the holiday weekend.

Experts have predicted that over the five-day period between Thanksgiving and Cyber Monday, consumers will spend $19.7 billion.

These mind blowing numbers are sure to be accompanied with some fraudulent purchases or scams.

According to Daily Mail, one woman in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, was the victim of a such a scam.

Last weekend, she purchased what she thought was an iPhone 6 for an unbelievably low $100 price line.

Per the report, “a man [was] driving around her neighborhood in a black truck with balloons and a sign taped to it which read: ‘Black Friday sale.’”

She cautiously tested the phone to see if it worked, it did.

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Her deal was in fact too good to be true.

When she got home, she realized she was tricked:

After she agreed to buy the phone, she took what she thought was the box with the iPhone in it and went home.

But when she got home, she was shocked to discover that the box was filled with potatoes.

The woman’s $100 mishap was uploaded to a video online, check it out: