DAILY DEVOTIONAL: Hollywood Influence – Rolling Down The River!

Thanks be to God, who…uses us to spread the aroma of the knowledge of him everywhere.
2 Corinthians 2:14

“Politics is downstream from pop culture,” Andrew Breitbart used to say. That’s exactly why my family has participated in the “pop” part of culture as well as the political portion. When Bristol competed on Dancing with the Stars, for example, the show received between 15.5 and 24 million viewers on both nights of its weekly broadcast! That’s not nothing. When Republicans turn up their noses at more casual television opportunities, they are ceding cultural ground to the Left. Of course, among other shows, Palin family members have been on Sarah Palin’s Alaska and Stars Earn Stripes (where Todd got to know American hero Chris Kyle).

Breitbart knew that most Americans aren’t sitting around hanging on every word uttered by pundits and politicians. They have lives – and politics often plays only a small part in them. For some people, their only exposure to Republican politicians might be on a show about America’s forty-ninth state, or with celebrities doing military maneuvers or participating in a dancing contest.

Sweet Freedom in Action
Today, take advantage of your current job, location, and circumstance. Be a good ambassador for your beliefs. You will do a much better job at showcasing your values than most politicians! And the good good news is that the people in your environment will pay more attention to you than they will the next political debates…with longer lasting results.



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