Trump’s Number One Goal For His First Year In Office Is President Obama’s Worst Nightmare

President Trump spent the majority of his first year in office undoing everything President Obama did in his eight years, according to Fox News.

Below is a summary of everything Trump did to rollback the Obama administration’s work.

Check it out:


  • Individual mandate: Trump and Republicans used the sweeping tax reform bill passed just before Christmas to repeal a major portion of ObamaCare. The tax legislation eliminates in 2019 the penalty fee levied on Americans who do not purchase health care.

The Trump administration also rolled back the contraceptive mandate, ended certain health care cost-sharing subsidies, and provided insurance “alternatives” through the use of an executive order.


  • Sanctuary cities crackdown: The Trump administration has vowed to crack down on “sanctuary cities” – places that limit how much local law enforcement officers cooperate with federal immigration authorities. Trump signed an executive order in January that, in part, would strip federal grant money to these cities. So far, a federal judge has blocked the withholding of funds from sanctuary cities.

President Trump also phased out the Obama administration’s DACA policy, leaving it in the hands of Congress to fix the legislation.


  • Paris Climate AccordIn August, the Trump administration formally told the United Nations that the U.S. plans to pull out of the 2015 Paris Climate Agreement – although that did not start the official withdrawal proceedings. The State Department said that it cannot begin to officially withdraw from the agreement until November 2019.

The Trump administration is also in the process of replacing Obama’s Clean Power Plan to decrease regulations on coal-fired power plants. Trump also signed executive orders to approve the construction of two controversial pipelines, Dakota and Keystone XL.

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  • Trans-Pacific Partnership: Immediately after taking office, Trump signed an executive order to withdraw the U.S. from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal. Trade ministers announced in November an agreement on pushing ahead with the free-trade deal, according to the Associated Press.


President Trump, alongside Education Secretary Betsy DeVos, rescinded guidelines for college campuses put in place by the Obama administration in dealing with sexual assault cases. The administration also removed the federal guidelines that forced states to allow public school students to use the bathroom coinciding with their gender identity.

In addition to these ways, the Trump administration has significantly changed the nation’s policy on net neutrality, foreign policy, and law enforcement.


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