NC Senator Makes History, See Why…

This week, the youngest woman in the North Carolina State Senate was sworn in.

Deanna Ballard, from Boone, NC, won her election by 30 points.

Sarah Palin was one of her most vocal supporters.


Here is what State Senator Ballard had to say about her campaign and all those people who supported her.

“Wow – it is hard to believe all that has taken place in the past year leading up to this NC Senate session, and I am so grateful for the support that I’ve received from near and far.  Winning a tough primary election, being appointed to serve out the remainder of our previous senator’s term, and succeeding in a general election certainly made for a lot of late nights, early mornings, and increased mileage on the car and tons of delicious North Carolina barbecue at multiple stops along the way.  It has been a steady pace of knuckles meeting the door where I learned to press on even when I was afraid, and the rewarding result is being able to currently serve as the youngest female State Senator.  As you can imagine, this makes me a bit of a novelty, which is why I appreciate Governor Palin’s support and encouragement over the past year.  It has been a season and year of change for our country and our state, and her voice of support reinforced the positive change my refreshing face and new ideas could bring to Raleigh.  I am excited about attending to the business of the state while championing solutions closest to the hearts of my friends and neighbors in the high country of North Carolina – I am committed to being a great servant for our people in this place I call home.”

State Senator Ballard was also kind enough to provide some pictures from the special day.  That’s her nephew Eastyn in the first two pictures and she is joined by her family in the third picture.


Deanna and her nephew Eastyn.


Deanna and Eastyn.


Deanna and her family.

Definitely a special moment for the Ballard family and for the people of North Carolina.

Congratulations Deanna!

Looking forward to seeing you serve the great people of the Tar Heel State.