A Failed French Rapper Turned ISIS Affiliate Was Just The Target Of A MAJOR Air Strike

A failed French rapper and one of the most wanted members of ISIS was the target of an American air strike near Mosul in Iraq, per The Daily Mail.

Rachid Kassim, a jihadist originally from the Loire Valley, is believed to be responsible for several French terrorist attacks, including one in which a “senior French policeman and his partner were knifed to death,” in addition to the killing of Jacques Hamel, an elderly Catholic priest.

Check it out:

‘We can confirm that coalition forces targeted Rashid Kassim, a senior ISIS operative, near Mosul in a strike in the past 72 hours,’ said Pentagon spokesman Major Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway.

‘We are currently assessing the results of that strike and will provide more information when it becomes available.’

Kassim was also supposedly running an encoded app for jihadists to swap secrets and share tips.

The app was shut down by the French government and soon after, Kassim fled France for Syria.