Shock: In New Rant, Meryl Streep Compares Trump Supporters To…

attends the 2017 Human Rights Campaign Greater New York Gala at Waldorf Astoria Hotel on February 11, 2017 in New York City.

Meryl Streep made headlines recently when she used her Golden Globes acceptance speech to bash Donald Trump and his supporters.

It was yet another reminder that Hollywood is completely out of touch with the average American voter.

This weekend, Streep accepted another award and just like clockwork she compared Donald Trump to Hitler.

From New York Times:

Meryl Streep, in a fiery speech criticizing President Trump on Saturday night, pledged to stand up against “brownshirts and bots” at a time when she and others are increasingly denouncing his administration’s policies and the president himself.

Ms. Streep, in New York City accepting an award from the Human Rights Campaign, referred to the backlash she received after the Golden Globes in January, when she gave a speech denouncing Mr. Trump.

“It’s terrifying to put the target on your forehead, and it sets you up for all sorts of attacks and armies of brownshirts and bots and worse, and the only way you can do it is to feel you have to,” Ms. Streep said. “You have to. You don’t have an option. You have to.”

Very sad and disappointing that Streep continues to say such outrageous things and it doesn’t appear that she got the message last November that the American people are tired of the elitist attitude coming from Hollywood.


  1. Nothing she says will ever have an impact on the real Americans that believe in the Trump administration. The liberal elite Hollywierd leftist comments are so stupid and off base it’s almost laughable.

  2. Think she has this bass ackwards. The “brown shirts” are the ones breaking windows, attacking people, rioting in the streets. Is she really this ignorant? She needs to review history and get a little educated.

  3. Hey Meryl you have all wrong, It’s your side with the mask face and carrying sticks… Beating on anyone who has a different Opinion…. Yes and stopping FREE SPEECH…

  4. Hmm I haven’t seen Trump stop free-speech like Hitler did! i haven’t seen Trump try to disarm his citizens like Hitler did! i haven’t seen him use the media a spread lies like Hitler did! Who have i seen do these things lately? o yeah the very same people calling President Trump, Hitler.

    • He was not a Hitler either, just an incompetent socialist, but if Clinton had won, her people would be coming after us who disagree with them, that evidence is breaking windows at Berkley.

  5. Just another braindead celebritard that thinks living in a fantasy world and pretending to be someone else for a living makes a person enlightened and they now have a sacred duty to share their “wisdom”.

  6. Hypocrisy at it’s finest. She preaches how the right are nothing but brown shirts and bots…yet, the left side are the ones rioting, looting, tearing up communities, wearing garb on their heads, not allowing others to have free speech and dividing this Country. I just don’t see how any one can not see this. Are they blind?

  7. She is irrelevant and should be ignored. As stated, and known by anyone with a brain, it is the liberals who are paying people to riot and destroy property. Those of us who have morals and integrity do not destroy property or throw down like two year-olds when things do not go our way.

  8. As someone said, nothing says fascist dictator and brownshirts more than any Tom, Dick & harry and aging actresses being able to criticize Trump on anything and on any platform without consequence!

  9. She’s more like “Tokyo Rose” during WW II. Doing what she can to damage the attitude of Americans! She didn’t succeed and neither will this mental Twit!

  10. Doesn’t Meryl realize that she’s insulting many thousands of those who pay to view her work? Doesn’t she realize without these people she’d be unemployed?

  11. Just another hog who thinks that she’s so important because she reads other people’s words….regurgitates these same words in front on an audience….wears tons of Medals around her neck….yep….she’s that important allright…No matter that all kinds of people voted for Trump…and NO…they are not ignorant….they are our policemen/women…our soldiers…our firemen…nurses….doctors….mechanics…builders…cooks…maids…and more….We have a great variety of different lifestyles…means…and more…WE can DO without YOU but….YOU cannot DO without US…so…just get lost …

  12. Just the same liberal tactic of accusing your opponents of the same thing that you yourself are doing. It is these protesters who are acting most like the “brownshirts” of Hitler’s era.

  13. More ignorance by fear mongering Trump hating liars.
    getting TRUMPED has shown Trump haters are the most violent, vile, hate
    filled, entitlement minded, disrespectful, intolerant, whiniest &
    most disgusting losers in the history of politics.
    Trump haters have taken lunacy to a whole new level.

  14. Oh, brave Meryl, thank you for coming down from your lofty perch of genius and compassion to save the world from the deplorables. You’re a one-woman army against the brownshirts and the bots (the bots? WTF!) By the way, you never smile in any of your movies, never. Did anyone ever tell you that?

  15. Meryl Streep must be referring to herself after all the people who voted for Trump do not follow pre written scripts or memorize the scripted material so they won’t forget their lines! Nor do they follow and repeat all the propaganda lies that make Meryl Streep and other Nollywood people look like fools! At least the people that I know who voted for President Trump are intelligent enough to check so called facts to make sure there legit!

    How many times do true reporters, a really good reporter who have morales, ethics who know that to be a great reporter you had a name and the same goes for the news media name that could be trusted. How? By having a standard of excellence of reporting unbiased and news based on true facts! Especially for a person reading or watching knew ahead of time that they could trust it. Not anymore because in there zeal to get ratings they have scripted news coupled with there own political agendas of a network we end up with biased, unfactual or barely the truth type of news! A number of network news keeps reporting this biased so-called event, while others report the truth. Especially the one about Trump supposedly mocking a handy capped person to there face! This story was checked thoroughly even the person he supposedly mocked was asked, it never happened! Trump uses the same hand gestures repeatedly over the years which can be seen on film footage. Yet, people like Meryl Streep and others continue use this so called mocking event even when it was disproven and reported during the campaign!

    Lastly, these arrogant celebs need to realize that without the people who go and pay their hard earned money for a ticket including cable TV fees to watch you, you wouldn’t be where you are today! You would be a nobody, a someone who thought you were all that but in reality you wouldn’t be no where without us buying those tickets! So get over yourselves your person didn’t win! No one wants to hear your two cent political speech at events we pay for!

  16. Our country is more divided than ever. Obama’s biggest accomplishment. He has pitted brother against brother and sister against sister. It sickens me. People cannot let go of all of the hate. Shameful and sad. What a waste of energy. So much good could have been done in place of it.

  17. I used to love her movies and acting. I’m sorry to see she can’t stick to what she’s good at and quit pushing her crap on people. This bot just left her fan list and will not support her or her movies any more.

  18. She must be smoking that wacky weed sure is a shame old meat rots and stinks up the place Can we give her a bronze medal that says A Peace of Crap well deserved.

  19. Little ironic she is bashing President Trump and his supporters at a Human Rights Campaign. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, lol. The ignorance and stupidity of some people is scary, lol.

  20. Hysterical liberal, who has no idea what life on the outside of her gated world, has become .. Your comments Miss Streep only demonstrate that being an award winning actress, doesn’t provide you with a sound mind… On the contrary, It shows us just how dangerously close to insanity, that actors allow themselves to gravitate ..

  21. I think there is a psychological term for accusing others of one’s own behavior. I believe it’s called projection?

    [I’m not a psychologist but I have seen one on TV]. 🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻🐻

  22. What’s the difference between street hookers and silver screen hookers? The money people are willing to pay for their services!

  23. These rants are what Obama taught them, i am done with Hollywood, if they can’t keep their political preferences. to themselves i have no time for them. we put up with Obama for 8 years and they haven’t been able to deal with things for a month. Losers

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