Look What Some Liberals Are Threatening To Do Now That Betsy DeVos Is Confirmed

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 08: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos delivers remarks to employees on her first day on the job at the Department of Education February 8, 2017 in Washington, DC. DeVos was confirmed by the Senate after Vice President Mike Pence cast a tie-breaking vote Tuesday. (Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Liberals relentlessly pushed back against the nomination of Betsy DeVos as Education Secretary but ultimately they didn’t have the power to do anything about it.

Here is how some on the left are reacting to her confirmation.

Maybe a little dramatic?

Betsy DeVos is more than qualified to run a government department and it will be interesting to see how she implements the much-needed reforms that are likely on the way.

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  1. Qualified? How is some rich elitist who never attended public school qualified? How is someone with no background in education qualified?

    • Have the people who have run our schools for the past 30 years been qualified? Why does the left fear school choice or chartet schools?

    • If you look at the state of education across the USA you have to ask yourself if those who have run it for decades are qualified. I do!

      • The state of education across the USA is in the toilet ranked 25th out of 50 countries in math, language, and sciences. Those that have run it for decades have run it into the ground. It used to be that an 8th grade education would give a person enough skills to function in society. In the 1960’s a high school graduate could get a well paying job. Today, an average college graduate is barely able to get a mediocre job at minimum wage to start.

    • Thank god she doesn’t have a background in education, if she did it would be the same old crap …. union, union, union and the heck with the children

    • How are most of the teachers qualified? Many of them couldn’t pass a basic education test from the 1960’s. Just look at the stats on how American schools compare to other countries. Teachers today have become well paid union surrogates teaching government approved indoctrination.

    • How qualified do you need to be to run an unneeded federal department. I was hoping that she wouldn’t get approved so Trump could say screw it, we don’t need the federal government involved in education.

  2. I think if the Liberals start Homeschooling, their children may see through the foaming hatred and turn to the truth of Conservatism.

  3. I actually think home schooling and online classes are what we should look at. We really need to utilize our resources better than building all of these public schools that are failing. We could have the states so online classes and home schooling. and sell off most of the real estate. Think of how much more efficient if we did not have brick and mortar schools. And the ones that stay home to school them would be more affordable if we did not have to maintain these brick and mortar schools.

  4. The great thing is that DeVos would support their choice to homeschool instead of trying to make them out to be criminals for wanting what is best for their children.

    • DeVos is not so much in favor of homeschooling as she is Charter Schools. There’s a difference. Charter Schools allow a parent to take a voucher and put their kids in the school of their choice.

  5. I would say that is a POSITIVE if they were serious about homeschooling. Maybe they can learn some responsibility for their children.

    • The majority of the people spewing that will home school have no idea how much work it is… you just don’t put the kid in front of a computer and say learn stuff… it requires dedication… these are the same people that hand a 9 year old an iPhone…. Home Schooling can be great and I know many people that have done it or are doing it… but when you see some of the youth today you know that their parents are not good candidates to be Home Schooling….

  6. Is Betsy DeVos going to get RID of Michelle ‘Antoinette’ Obama’s school lunch program and liberal’s common core?
    Is Betsy Devos promoting school voucher?

  7. What I find most amusing is all the cries from the left on “qualifications” We just went through 8 years with a community organizer as president, who put nothing but “academics” in positions of power with “professional Politicians” The Founding Fathers had based our representative government on the hopes that ordinary citizens would be involved in the process and therefore there would be no Political Class. The President is doing exactly as he said, bring in outsiders to drain the swamp and only hold on to those that are absolutely needed……for now

  8. I’m worried about the bathroom situation in these liberal homeschool situations. What if little Timmy decides he wants to be little Tammy, does the family have to build another bathroom?

  9. I home schooled…you go right ahead…you will learn a lot and so will your children, you don’t pick the books, same people that picks it for the school does. You practically have to have a secretary to keep up with the paper work involved with home schooling. But in the end I think its better than liberal teachings

  10. No doubt: home schooling raises smart kids.

    Problem: home schooling by Libs will raise smart kids, driven by warped ideology.

    To date: libs had warped ideology, but their intellectual prowess to advance it was almost zero.

  11. We’re against Betsy DeVos because she is against fixing the public school system. She’s for school choice, charter schools, and home schooling. We hate her as a Secretary of Education SO WE ARE GOING TO START HOMESCHOOLING IN PROTEST of her. Perfect liberal sense! :^)

  12. Reforms ARE necessary. I was forced to homeschool because public schools were so bad. During homeschooling my child in 6th grade scored 11th grade levels.

  13. As a conservative homeschooling parent I welcome these people to our way of doing things. They too will see how their children will excel when they take direct charge of their children’s educations.

  14. Evidently they never spent as much time researching Obama’s selection for Sec of Education,
    Arne Duncan. Advocated common core standards, never attended public school and was forced to resign by Democrats and Republicans both. Common core math is not a learning tool. Its a game or puzzle with numbers.

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