Scott Baio Just Got Sweet Revenge On Nordstrom For Cutting Ivanka’s Brand…

Scott Baio posted a photo of his wife’s Nordstrom credit card statement, with the caption: “Dear Nordstrom, NEVER AGAIN!” on Twitter two days ago.

Baio is an avid Trump supporter and stumped for the President throughout his campaign prior to Election Day in 2016.

Naturally, the tweet was in reference to Nordstrom’s announcement that they would be removing Ivanka’s clothing line from their department stores.

Check it out (via BizPacReview):

Earlier this month, Nordstrom said it will no longer carry Ivanka’s clothing, shoes and accessories, citing poor sales.

But the curious timing of the move — which came shortly after President Trump announced his temporary travel ban — has fueled speculation that Nordstrom caved into pressure from anti-Trump protesters, who threatened to boycott the store.

Trump supporters applauded Scott Baio’s decision, saying they won’t shop at a store that would try to damage President Trump by lashing out at his daughter.


  1. Celebrities are not regular customers. They may make a political purchase but Nordstrom cannot live on a one time purchace. The loss of revenue from regular shoppers would be greater over time than the one time contributions of these so called stars. When I was running 7 miles I got a kick of the ones that passed me by really fast. They eventually could not keep the pace and dropped out.

  2. Nordstrom stock was down $1.13 per share this morning. Doubt if many of the protestors shop there anyway. So which wealthy customers encouraged the store to drop Ivanka? hmmm

  3. what difference does it make if it is a one time purchase or they buy every month, If they can afford it go for it. more power to them.

      • “”Glad to hear that Tom””

        Don’t you meant “read” that…insipid goon?

        Anyone in the Trump family does more good in the world in one week via philanthropy and job creation than you could manage if you live 1000 lifetimes…you idiot…

  4. I heard that a celebrity made a purchase to support Nordstrom removal of Ivanka’s clothing line. The one time purchase of that celebrity however big, cannot offset the continual loss of revenue from trump supporters that boycott Nordstrom for discriminating against Ivanka. Also, whoever does not bless who we bless will not be blessed. This I take the liberty to say in the name of The Lord Jesus Christ to show that a celebrity cannot bless as we the chosen ones can.

  5. WATCH what happens to TJMaxx, Sears and KMart! I have seriously , PREVIOUSLY ‘kept TJMaxx in business ( 🙈😂) along with millions of women who support Trump! . no more!
    Disposing of my Starbuck stock,as well!

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