Look Who Just BANNED Valentine’s Day…

Pakistan just placed a ban on Valentine’s Day after the government was presented with a petition that said it was “not part of Muslim tradition,” per Daily Mail.

The Islamabad High Court ruled today that festivities are not allowed “in public places and at an official level.”

Check it out:

The IHC passed on its ruling to the ministry, federal government, Pemra chairman and chief commissioner. They have to submit a response to the order within ten days…

‘Valentine’s Day has no connection with our culture and it should be avoided,’ Hussain said last year at a ceremony celebrating a nationalist leader.

Local media reported earlier that week that Islamabad would ban celebrations on Valentine’s celebrations as an ‘insult to Islam’, but city officials later said such a rule would be unenforceable.

The northwestern city of Peshawar, near the Afghan border, banned Valentine’s Day celebrations last year, local media said.


  1. Yeah, I have relatives that, in their misguided beliefs, will not acknowledge Valentine’s because they say it has become too commercialized and pagan (Cupid, etc). I agree, it has but I just tell them to read I John in the Bible. It’s all about love. Us older folks remember passing cards to each other in class along with the little heart candies. Those are good memories.


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