Special Family-Owned Coffee Shop Leaves Customers With MUCH More Than a Cup of Joe…

TUXEDO - AUGUST 3: A latte at Dottie Audrey's Bakery/Kitchen on August 3, 2016 in Tuxedo, NY. (Photo by Waring Abbott/Getty Images)

A North Carolina family decided to take matters into their own hands after they read that anywhere between 70 and 85% of developmentally disabled individuals in our country our unemployed.

That’s how Bitty & Beau’s—a coffee shop in Wilmington, NC—came about.

Amy Wright and her husband named the shop after their own children, Bitty and Beau, who have Down Syndrome.

The shop is run exclusively by individuals suffering from similar disabilities to Bitty and Beau’s.

Southern Living put together a cool video on the family and their story. Check it out:

This is the kind of story we love—small, family-owned businesses doing their part in small town America!

Gotta love it.



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