Fox News Presidential Poll Is In! Here’s What Americans Are Saying About Trump

WASHINGTON, DC - FEBRUARY 10: U.S. President Donald Trump stands during a joint press conference with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe at the White House on February 10, 2017 in Washington, DC. The two answered questions from American and Japanese press. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

Donald Trump has been president for almost a month now and he has been moving at a blistering pace so far.

There has been plenty to talk about and some of the press has been good while some not so much.

We know what the pundits, celebrities, and politicians think about his performance.

But what do the American people think?

Here’s what the latest Fox News presidential poll has to say about how Americans perceive Trump so far.

From Fox News:

Here are five findings on the new administration.  Voters feel:

— Divided over Trump.

— A bit more confident in Trump’s judgment than they did before the election.

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— Optimistic on the economy, pessimistic on health care, and mixed on security.

— Repealing and replacing Obamacare and cutting taxes should be higher priorities than building the wall.

— Trump’s election victory was a bigger surprise than the Patriots’ Super Bowl comeback.

When asked if the Trump administration is working on things that will help their family, 47 percent of voters say yes, while 48 percent say no.

That’s almost identical to the split over President Trump’s job performance:  48 percent approve and 47 percent disapprove.  Moreover, most voters feel strongly one way or the other, as 35 percent “strongly” approve and 41 percent “strongly” disapprove.

Nearly all Republicans approve (87 percent), as do just over half of independents (52 percent).  Among Democrats, 10 percent give him the thumbs up.

If we learned anything from the 2016 race it’s that you can’t trust all the polls so this should definitely be taken with a grain of salt.

However, this definitely provides an interesting insight into how the country feels about Trump.


  1. I like Trump. Take any other person and they would have tucked their tail between their legs and run like the dickens. Trump still stands and many of us stand with him.

  2. nobody asked me my opinion about any of this…do you know what that means? …it’s a poll, and after the November elections we all know how reliable polls are, and they are very careful to insert the word voters into every line. Does anyone one know what percentage of Americans voted in the presidential election… barely over 50% Mr. Trumps support is much higher on the streets than the numbers reflected in this ‘poll’

  3. I support President Trump. I don’t believe these poll numbers. Who was polled? Certainly not me nor any of my family, friends. None of the thousands of people I know or any in my surrounding neck of the woods.

  4. One thing about Pres Trump that stands out over his detractors and that is his love for America. He and his family, in the shortrun, at least, are taking a beating but I think the American People will learn to appreciate him (even if the media is doing their best to paint him negatively). He certainly is keeping his word to the people. Key question is whether the repubs in congress will support him and the American People. If they don’t, the Tea Party will be back I’ve never seen such an anti-American bunch like the current democrat party and their violent lefty friends.

  5. We should all know by now, polls don’t mean a thing. Clinton had a lead over Trump the entire campaign….and you see who our President is. I stand with Trump. He’s only been in office a month and accomplished more than the MSM is talking about.

  6. Andrew Mark Miller, thank you for this post.

    Interesting top line data, but not certain if it is particularly meaningful in all the circumstances.

  7. For everyone complaining that they and their friends and family haven’t been polled. If they poll 500 people a day, and there are 320,000,000 people in the US, and there are 10 people in your family one of you should get polled every 175 years.


  8. As a Canadian watching my neighbours to the south, I have but one concern with President Trump. I am afraid he is too nice a guy and expects liberals to do their jobs. Sorry Mr. President but when you said “drain the swamp” that has to mean everybody in any kind of administrative role. Your enemies will take no prisoners and neither should you. Time to take the kid gloves off.

  9. This just in……100% of the people whom’s opinion matter to me support everything Trump is doing.

    Votes counted are as follows:

    1 from me
    1 from myself
    1 from “I”

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