Actor Issues “Refugee Challenge” To Liberal Oscars Attendees…It’s Making WAVES

COLOGNE, GERMANY - FEBRUARY 01: Robert Davi during the Lambertz Monday Night 2016 ( Schokoparty ) at Alter Wartesaal on February 1, 2016 in Cologne, Germany. (Photo by Gisela Schober/Getty Images)

Robert Davi just clapped back at Hollywood in the BEST way for their stark condemnation of President Trump on refugee issues, per Biz Pac Review.

The actor penned an open letter that was posted on Breitbart’s website yesterday.

Check it out:

I propose that Meryl Steep, Chelsea Handler, Richard Gere, Robert DeNiro, Christoph Waltz and others lead an Oscar first: let’s do away with the rules, barriers, and tickets to the Oscars and after-parties, such as the swanky Vanity Fair party or the Weinsteins’ star-studded affair. I ask all migrants, all illegal immigrant criminals and all un-vetted refugees to converge on Hollywood to come to the Oscars and all the after-parties, even those held at the mansions or the Chateau Marmont or anywhere else. After all, we in the Hollywood community want to show all Islamic extremists that we have love in our hearts — and what better way to do that than by inviting them along on our most important night?


Davi went on:

It’s time the walls and electronic security gates come down. There are roughly 3,600 seats to the Oscars; we should have at least 2,500 seats reserved for illegal aliens, refugees and migrants, or maybe even more. For those celebrities skipping the ceremony, each should invite at least 100 illegal aliens, refugees or migrants to come to their home to watch the Oscars with them. The Academy and the Vanity Fair people should also get the 150 criminals who have recently been deported from Los Angeles and bring them to the show as honored guests.

The Oscars are set to take place on February 26.

Davi’s letter comes following a string of political statements made by celebrities at award shows.

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Meryl Streep’s speech at the Golden Globes was widely-circulated and directly addressed the President’s temporary travel ban on refugees from the seven noted countries.


  1. I think that Hollywood should be a sanctuary city.. That the actors that are worried about it should use their huge mansions to house illegal aliens..

    • Take it one step further, because the actors/actresses actually live in Beverly Hills, Mulholland dr, Malibu, Brentwood, Santa Monica mtns, Pacific Palisades, etc. Hollywood is just a sesspool.

    • Not a sanctuary city, but a destination city. I point out the Third Amendment to the Constitution of the United States:
      “No Soldier shall, in time of peace be quartered in any house, without
      the consent of the Owner, nor in time of war, but in a manner to be
      prescribed by law.”
      You will note that this speaks of the quartering of soldiers in private homes. It says NOTHING about the quartering of refugees.
      Since so many in Hollywood have mansions with so many rooms unoccupied, it stands to reason that they are best equipped to shelter, feed, and clothe these “refugees” about whom almost nothing is known. Ms. Streep, you WILL be taking in at least a dozen quests. Ms. Handler, Mssrs. Gere, DeNiro, and Waltz, you and your nearest and dearest friends and neighbors will also be receiving visitors.
      It is also noted that these largely unoccupied houses stand on acreage far bigger than is customary. Tents and port-a-johns will also be erected so that you may be even more generous.

      • President Trump can write an Executive Order directing all future Somali, Yemeni and Syrian refugees be placed at the homes of the 500 top directors producers and actors. The IRS or CIA have their addresses!

        • Technically Donald Trump is a television celebrity, producer, director and claims to be a billionaire which would place him at the top of that 500 and his current residence is the White House in Washington DC, Trump Tower in New York, that resort in Florida and Camp David.

          • Differerence with Trump is, he DOESNT WANT THEM HERE! and neither do the majority of Americans!

          • You should talk to his doctor about that, who released his medical records. He is one of the healthies presidents ever.

          • Eugene Wilson – Go directly to HollyWeird and ask for sanctuary, if you’re so “terrified.” You’ll feel right at home and can have a group crying jag with Meryl Streep and her “terrified” friends.

            Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

          • “To be is to do” -Aristotle
            “To do is to be” -Sartre
            “To be or not to be” -Shakespeare”
            “Do be do be do” – Sinatra

          • George6112

            > Be consistent with your hyphens.
            > Use ellipses where appropriate.
            > A closing quote should be paired with an opening quote.
            > Periods are used at the end of sentences.
            > La di dah di dah.

            No expression of gratitude necessary.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Actually, if you look up the definition of the acronym NAZI; you’ll find that the democratic party is much closer to the true definition of NAZI than Pres. Trump is. I’ll bet you’re one of those trolls hired by NAZI sympathizer George Soros to ramp of world revolution.

          • Oh no.. He had to retire these positions upon taking the presidency… You all insisted.. remember?.. He is exempt.

          • We are talking about Hollywood here. They are ruining shows, like the Oscars, Emmys, etc. and so on…They flaunt their views in every sit com on TV…Enough….everyone live the life you want…Just leave the average taxpayer alone….JEEZ….We are paying for the ticket at the show or buying the music…take us away, entertain us and shut up about the rest…Foist your views at your parties….help someone….get out side and get some fresh air. That’s what I’m going to do now….Oh and take Jerry Brown and throw him and his policies that have ruined a once great state over the Oroville Dam.

          • This is all part of Obama restrictions that he enforced on American businesses. There is NOTHING in this country that is made in America anymore…and I’m quite frankly sick of it. Thank GOD I still have remnants from years ago that have Made in America stamped on it….this era began with Bill Clinton and the deal was made by the democrats along with some republicans. But Trump is going to fix that problem fast! I plan on seeing “Made Proudly In America” once again!

          • In case you are unaware, most clothing and shoes making has been moved overseas under other presidents. There are almost none capable of the work here now.

          • You HAVE to be kidding!!! Who did all the manufacturing before the jobs were sent overseas????? The same thing is said about the H1B thieves from India stealing our high tech computer jobs….they were all TRAINED by Americans…then took our jobs at a lower salary….

          • If the business climate was more conducive for manufacturing in the US, they’d be made here. Additionally, this is what he’s trying to stop – plus she’ll have to pay tariffs at some point – so what’s yours?

          • President Trump isn’t shooting his mouth off like all these insignificant, so-called celebrities, he is trying to “make America Great Again” instead of some gigantic cesspool made by vile, disease-carrying Muslims!

          • Look at Trump shooting his mouth of on twitter. He is also destroying everything that made America great.

          • Eugene as a NON resident/citizen of the USA (although I have relatives there)..I will tell you what the rest of the world HATES about the USA and why you are on a one way ticket to Armageddon.

            WE/THEY hate the extreme left trash that has come to epitomize the USA through it’s red carpets and pompous star power and how the trash rally’s behind that element like they are some kind of little clique at school. NOBODY is impressed with the US any more and at least Trump is bright enough to realize it! The media is full stop left for the most part and horrible bias is their premise to jump into the entertainment ring rather than reporting news. The US has very little world clout any longer and its because of donkeys like you and others with so little self restraint or pride whom if the rest of the world isn’t laughing at you, in the alternate they are disgusted by you!! Those are the FACTS!

            The USA identity used to be Bruce Jenner….NOW…it’s Caitlyn Jenner! That right there is the liberal legacy of the USA! Freedom is one thing…the spectacle that is YOUR USA is entirely another! Deal with it!

          • I am also a non American citizen. I’ll tell you what the world has come to hate/dislike about America, the division and hate Trump has brought in and formented for 8 years.

            Trump and his followers are nationalists, which blinds them to the fact they live in a globalist society. This is a fact that can not be ignored.

            When people say Trump won by majority of the people how come his popularity has dropped drastically even among Republicans?

          • Wow…I think you nailed it on the head….we’ve been left with a wake of immoralities…big, huge time! I mean the picture is shocking to look at but in reality….that is Obama’s legacy!

          • Eugene Wilson – I don’t get the impression that Paul Revere swings that way with O’Bahaha and his boytoys. Are you still weeping and whining that Emperor (with no Clothes) O’Bahaha confiscated and has been using your “tools?” Suck it up, Buttercup!

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Wow…I guess it’s true when they say “you can’t fix stupid”. Don’t know where you are getting your statistics from but they must be from some really out of touch media outlet in the Internet realm! Those are Obama’s very legacies that he has left behind in his wake….ready for it? Here is my take after 8 years of Obama’s legacy and what sticks in my mind the most about him. His priority was to make everyone question their sexual identity and even question that there is NO Identity; 2) he has divided this country not only by race but religion and class 3)he has destroyed the jobs in this country 4)and he hates everyone in this country, including blacks…His focus was bullseyed on sex,mayhem,destruction and division. There’s what I see that has been left behind and what he can hold for his legacy…anything other than that is can only be at someone’s imagination, and I would be surprised if there is anything faintly left of that anymore! We are a nation hanging on by a thread!

          • Eugene Wilson – Let me help you with your Proglibiocy. Go downrange for your first lesson.

            Cogito, ergo armatus sum.

          • Eugene Wilson – You being a non-American citizen, how ’bout you stay the eff out of our politics‽ While you’re at it, feel free to move to HollyWeird; perhaps Meryl Streep will provide you edible fare and comfortable lodging. Left wingnuts abound in the Soviet Socialist DemonKKKraptic People’s Republic of Kalifornikatistan (KA), so you should feel right at home.

            As for nationalism, it’s a far better road than DemonKKKraptic Proglibiotism.

            On to President Donald John Trump’s popularity: It’s rising, or don’t you get news in your liberal spider hole? Yesterday, it was at 51%; this morning, it was 55%. In the venue of arithmetic, 55 is a larger number than 51. Get confirmation of that from an ESL tutor of your choice.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Ice Brood – As a *legal* immigrant to the United States of America, citizen of the United States of America, resident in the United States of America, and combat Veteran of the Armed Forces of the United States of America, I can not but agree. That puts us in the most enviable position of there being no way to go but up!

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Good…I’m glad he twitters…that’s where I go when I want to see what he is doing! You’ve made your point you don’t like Trump and you never will…point made clearly. We know you are allies with CNN, but I don’t think they will be hiring you anytime soon for your inputs. So what is the point of your rhetoric? Maybe you can put in an application with George Soros…maybe, just maybe he might USE you at his own delight!

          • Let’s compare apples to apples,shall we.Eugene?Please! Thank you, Robert Davi, for having the courage to take a stand with these bleeding heart mental cases and for having the eyes to see.

          • Dear mentally ill Canadian. Butt out of our American politics. They do not concern you and your ill concsived notions are not warranted nor wanted,eh .

          • When American politics affect Canadians it does concern me. Of course calling someone mentally ill before recognizing it in Trump is kinda expected, especially when they don’t see that Trump is destroying everything that made America great.

          • Ice Brood – Canadians are so hospitable, compared to Americans. Here in the United States of America, that same boot would be wedged sideways on a more southerly region of Eugene’s anatomy!

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Eugene you are so worried about the American politics with you being Canadian… if you would open your eyes and ears then you would recognize Trump has done more for Canada in his short time in office than the idiot running our Country! And as far as your poke at mental illness, well that just speaks to the kind of person you are!

          • I agree Trump has made Canada a target for terrorist by white supremacist Trump fans. That is more than Trudeau has done.

          • Eugene Wilson – Please post your address so that “immigrants” to Canada will know where to go for food and lodging.

            De Oppresso Liber

          • Maybe not mental…but you are clearly a case of “Can’t fix stupid” By the way…caught that little commercial your prime minister made inviting all illegals to come to your country….he better have his private door open as well to let them join his little party of women and him whooping it up and drinking champagne! Woot….wouldn’t that be a nice surprise at his door! You all better have your doors wide open!

          • Eugene, You are not grasping reality, Donald Trump is President of the USA and is none of the claims in your NOTE!

          • You’re missing the point, Gene. Hint: This is aimed at Hollywood celebs who WANT MORE REFUGEES AND CRIMINAL ALIENS IN THE COUNTRY. Not at people with common sense.
            You are welcome!

          • Donald Trump is not the one advocating we support illegals coming here at the expense of the taxpayer! These are the Hollywood elites! They are the ones who think so little of the lives and security of everyday Americans that they are willing to put us all in danger by wanting these people in the country, no matter how criminal they are! Let these motor mouths take on the expense and responsibility for these animals who are repeat offenders! I wonder how they would feel having to feed them and pay for their housing, provide medical assistance, clothing, everything they need for the next 10 years? Not to mention the risk to their families by the criminals who have come here? They should put up or shut up!

          • That’s cute that you would notice that, but you are missing one small point…when the afformentioned Hollywood celebs refuse to agree to this, it will be an act of shear hypocrisy. Whereas President Trump is the man calling for his Constitutional duty to be enacted, protecting the citizens of the United States, not allowing illegal aliens to roam freely, abusing the system by draining resources and unaccountable to our system of law.
            But thank you for playing…

          • Your statement makes absolutely no sense!!!! Hollywood and the DNC are the ones putting out the welcoming signs. President Trump is stating that we can’t take care of the world’s impoverished. President Trump is making sense, Hollywood on the other hand is running their mouths off and I say “put your money where your mouth is”! Trust me, I can guarantee it that neither Hollywood nor DNC will open their homes up to the flood gates of illegals into their home! Next time, think about what you are saying before you pop off idiocies!

          • You need to get out there go to Iran to offer yourself to them in sacrifice for the crime of not bring a muslim. ….you will then be gang raped and beheaded,… …this website is quoting directly from the koran. ..that book sanctions bestiality, forcible child rape, forcible spousal rape, homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexual orgies, pedophilia, pederasty, slavery and genocide. …it does not contain an interpretation of the koran for none is necessary if you can read English then you can no longer claim ignorance of exactly what devil worship really is ….

          • But like with buying carbon credits, Pres Trump can “buy” immigrant credits by helping to repatriate immigrants who have no source of income, are felons, or can’t speak English.

        • Yeah, Obama flew them into small rural towns without notice, just dropped them off. Trump could do the same, just bus them off in the driveways of these celebrities. They thought Obama did a great job, do you think they will think this is a great thing?

    • Not Hollywood because they don’t live in Hollywood they live in Beverly Hills and Malibu. You would never see a refugee in any of the cities.

    • The big problem with that is the big stars don’t live in Hollywood. They live in places like Malibu, Bel Air, Beverly Hills, Newport Beach, etc. Hollywood itself is a run down area with cheap rents.

      • Where in the hell did that come from. Hollywood and the liberals are selling this country Robert Davi is standing up to them and calling them out on it. I love this country and liberals want to give it to the refugees and illegal immigrants walking right into it.

  2. Yep, that puts it in perspective. Puts their lofty idealistic ideas and exposes it as the most dangerous kind of folly, ignorance and hypocrisy.

  3. How about they bring them into their homes and feed and care for them since they think that criminals and refugees are so harmless, but they should know that in one case a college professor did that and he was murdered by the refugee he brought into his home to help, and that was the way the refugee thanked him!!

  4. Actors and actresses against President Trump, take note. Let’s show this actor, Robert Davi, that we can muster courage and funds to defeat his challenge. Let’s show him we’re not all talk hypocrites that do not put our hearts to what we say. Let’s get up to Robert Davi’s challenge and do exactly what we say. We’ll show him.

    • So, if these liberals are hiring illegals for their parties, why are they trashing conservatives who admittedly hired an undocumented helper at one time or another?

        • Are you making that statement about the economy as truth? I find that to be a false statement. Who is being hypocritical? Remember how they trashed Meg Whitman who admitted she hired an “undocumented” maid, but also got rid of her as soon as she found out. Now, the Democrats are purposely hiring illegals to fight Trump. The irony! They all need to be arrested and penalized because it is still against the law to do that.

  5. I think Meryl Streep should open up her home(s) to some Syrian Refugees, since she professes to care about them so much! Or,could possibly be—–a Hollywood hypocrite????

  6. I think I’m in love! A man with his own opinion and his own words and an actor at that, who knew such a person existed in Hollywood.

  7. Hollywood “stars” learned long ago how to play on the pathetic sheep following their stardom. As these true 1%’ers live their lavish lifestyles for being nothing more than a dancing monkey on a string with a music box – they will say and do whatever it takes to keep them right where they are and in control of the little herds of sheep.

  8. way to go…you all effin’ liberal hypocrite actors and actresses show us how good you are at putting your money where your mouth is. practice what you preach. this’ll be just way too much fun to watch.

  9. I also think that sense they like them so much and have no problem with them living next door to us,or us renting to them . They should show good faith by every home they own except the one they live in ,turn them over to the refugees to live in then if they have a lawn ,at the house there living in ,let them set up tents., sense there so free with what we should except let them go first ,or shut the hell up

  10. I think it’s time for these star studded liberals to put their money. where their mouth is. Start physically taking care of the illegal immigrants and see if they change their minds about opening the borders

  11. Oh let’s not forget those pesky politicians that are so sympathetic and I stress pathetic that want to help those poor refugees!! They could afford at least 100. They can get the adult men looking for work. 🙂

  12. The voice of reason will always make its way to the top. Wait until these Hollywood types are not allowed to perform their craft because it is against someone else’s religion. Certainly their would be fewer love scenes, no drinking and no swearing (not that I would mind this one), that is if movies would even be allowed anymore. Let’s see where their support is then.

  13. Only when Hollywood liberals remove the security from their homes, gates, locks, etc., should we do the same with our borders.

  14. It’s not their sorry asses that are in danger of mass shootings and bombings it’s the common folk. So for those elitists, politicians and so on who are giving Trump heartache over the ban shut the %$#@ up we are the ones in danger.

  15. Be certain to include George Clooney, the old guy expecting soon. He must surely have a few residences with multiple bathrooms and bedrooms to share. And he is married to such a giving woman…I am certain she and he would let strangers in to live with them. What a bunch of windbags!

  16. I routinely ask my liberal friends (those who didn’t “unfriend” me last November) if they lock their doors at night. Invariably they say they do. And then I ask them “Why?” After a few splutters about safety and security, I remind them that a wall at the border is the equivalent of a lock on the door, for the exact same reasons. More spluttering, and then they change the subject. Works every single time.

  17. The Hollywood elites have such huge mansions that they can readily accommodate bringing a couple dozen illegal immigrants to live in their homes with them. What do you liberal bleeding hearts say? Are you going to do it?

  18. This is perfect!!! Celebrities employ around 10 illegals per person. They do everything from wipe a rain drop off a coat to wiping their butts. Illegals don’t realize they are the new slave. Celebrities don’t have to venture out they have chef come to their homes, send the illegals to do everything else..I was a assistant to someone famous until I couldn’t take it anymore….

  19. And since hollywoodites and the Muslim men like so many sexual partners that would work well for all concerned and the muzzies could stop raping little girls and unwilling women. There, one problem solved.

  20. I have watched the Oscars for many years. If they are going to bash our President then I will not be watching this year, also will not be supporting the movies (with my money ) those talking badly of our President whom I voted for !!!

  21. this is a great idea lets all pass the word that all these illegals have been invited to hollywood to stay at the actors and actresses homes and mansions they can go to all the awards shows for free and merle streep especially wants at least 150 of them at her house and her neighbors.

  22. Now for this I would not boycott. The largest event ever filmed. Alfred Hitchcock had nothing on this one. Shown in theaters all across the country. A smashingly great idea.

  23. Well, if most of the liberal Hollywood types were not liars, they would have moved out of the country like they said they would. We are still waiting.

  24. I bet they’re knocking down their walls , letting all their security go and opening their homes as we speak ! 😂😂😂😂

    • Right–talk is cheap and this is where the money is. That’s why we have so many Canadians here acting, singing, hosting game shows, doing newscasts, etc..

  25. Mr. Davi just, and justly, pointed out the hypocrisy of wealthy elitists pretending to be the voice of the common people. Well done!

  26. Awesome letter. And just to take it one step further….perhaps all those liberals could open their home for the refugees they want to let in so badly and allow them to live
    with them!!! They could feed and clothe them, make sure they get medical attention……and it would save all the taxpayers from something we shouldn’t be paying for anyway! I think I is a splendid idea.

  27. That’s a great idea. Yes, let’s be sure they’re not vetted. Have to be completely random, exactly as they’re coming across our boarder. I could see some of them trying to make a show of this but having carefully vetted illegal immigrants. After all, it is showbiz. I think I like this actor.

  28. Come on all you big mouth LaLaWood elites put you generous loving giving community in the same danger you want the Real American communities to be in….there should be plenty of room in your mansions for a butt load of those peaceful Illegals (terrorist) . And if they behead a few of you NO big deal it’s just their peaceful ways right

  29. I have tweeted a link to the letter to @oscar2017 and I said it was time for them to put their $$$ where their mouths are- after lecturing us- they should own up and do their part- so if you have a “twitter” account- copy and paste the letter either this one or the one from truthfeed news to @oscar2017 to put up or shut up- I also called them sanctimonious hypocrites so that is what I have done- I tweeted it about 12 times! it is in a LOT of their feeds- please feel free to add your tweets should you have a twitter account. I am tired of being lectured to and after hearing about obama’s ofa and his obama foundation hiring about 55,000 activists to protest- loot-riot- block roads (I think this is treason) I am sick of it. I will NEVER VOTE FOR ANOTHER DEMOCRAT IN MY LIFETIME- they have become fascists- nazis and are un american and not democratic anymore.

  30. It’s one thing to spout off and tell the REST of us what WE should do but I am POSITIVE that they will NEVER want to actually associate with illegal aliens! Hey, and what about those gift baskets worth hundreds of thousands of dollars? They should donate THOSE to the illegal aliens!!!! If they aren’t willing to meet Davi’s challange, then they are all hat and no cattle! If they aren’t willing to live up to their words I never want them to give me their opinion again!

  31. Are we sure that homeless terrorists would want to go to the Oscars?
    Free food would be great but having to listen to liberals go on and on, would be a burden for anyone.

  32. If walls don’t work, then why do the Hollyweird morons have them around their houses? I say tear down the walls and put up the refugees in your living rooms, Hollyweird!

  33. Like these people in hollyweird want anything to do with refugees, illegals or anyone they deem not to be elitist. They just want us to live with the mess.

  34. Yes I`m sure the hollyweird stars will do all they can to help the poor souls,they are so sincere kind generous stars that give their all for humanity.
    Damn I need to lay off the weed i`m hallucinating as if.We know they are self centered scumbags who think we should bow down to them and listen to their profound knowledge.

  35. He nails the hypocrisy of the “oh so tolerant” liberals who condemn concern about safety then retreat behind the walls of their gated communities and walled in estates guarded by men with lots of fire power. They are ludicrous and should have no voice in politics.

  36. May every liberal who trutly believes in their cause take a refugee or illegal immigrant into their home and support them, and leave the tax payers and governemtn out of it.

  37. It’s easy for these idiots to be “loving and tolerant” when they live WAY far away from the illegals and immigrants. They’re all-the entertainers-full of s h iiii t

  38. I have been saying this for a long time. Not only should the self-identified elitists in Hollywood do this but so should all of the self-righteous athletes, musicians, and other entertainers. All of them should not only open up their seats at their award shows for or their homes for watch parties to these people, they should open up their homes as homes for them too. They have plenty of room for people in their houses. They have plenty of money to “raise” their new families. They have plenty of money to pay for their food, clothes, other needs — and all of their wants. Their vanity is obvious and they have no worries because their homes are protected with those gates. They won’t let people lay on the streets in front of their homes even if they are homeless vets or other US citizens. The definitely won’t want people laying on their streets from other countries with completely different social values than their own. They need to get off their high-horses and face what everyone else in the US has to face.

  39. Beverly Hills and its vicinity: Muslim extreemists living on the streets, on the front and back lawns ( something I suggested years ago when the libs promoted “land for peace”)…

    And forget this awhereness crap, let’s name the outspoken ones and tell them based on their net worth, how many millions we demand they contribute to charities which actually help people!

  40. Sheeesh~ Let’s make it really simple. All these stars that threatened to leave America if Trump got elected, can anyone name any that did? Even if they don’t want to expose their hypocracy by not going 20 feet near a refugee, at least they should keep their word and move out! The sooner the better. Hear that Whoopi? We’re waiting.

  41. I think these celebrities should put the refugees up at their mansions, take care of them for a couple years till they can get situated, or become satisfied and stay with them forever.

  42. What a very thoughtful and kind idea this person have put forth. No more security as people walk down the red carpet in their costly gowns and tuxes. Let everyone partake in the bling the actors get for attending, that alone could support a family for a year. Let anyone have time to speak about the need for these women to cover up and not dress as they please. Inform the large tv audience of how America should change and become more like their home countries. Let Hollywood step up and prove once and for all that they as individuals are willing to help by doing more than just telling others what to do and write a check.

  43. I think Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Malibu, Santa Monica and all areas that support the illegal immigration rhetoric be mandated by our President of whom has been referred to as Hitler, racist and numerous other labels, cut all funding and require these Hollywood freaks to open their homes, close down Paramont studio, Disney and a like and allow the illegals and refugees to live and occupy their havens.

  44. Forcing the people of America to fund Hollywood’s liberal immigration policy is unfair. It takes money out of the pockets of many people that can ill afford to pay for the live and living of illegal alien’s. So put your money where your mouth is rich Hollywood elites and take 50 or 100 folks into each of your mansions. You have plenty of floor space.

  45. I agree with his statement and I think Meryl Creep is a democRAT elitist hag who should just move to Mexico and give up her money. Yes, she is one of the 1%ers who like to tell us what she thinks but she doesn’t walk the walk!

  46. I Heard Meryl Streep, DeNiro & Clooney & Mark Cuban has requested that ALL illegal immigrants no matter where they’re from to come to their houses and stay until they can be vetted! Meryl Streep address, Century Park E Los Angeles, CA 90067
    Clooney address, 8817Lookout Mountain Ave. Los Angeles,CA 90046
    DeNiro address, Central Park West New York, NY 10023
    Cuban address, 5424 Deloache Ave, Dallas, TX 75220

  47. Robert Davi is my hero for calling out these phony elitists. They think because they throw a few thousand dollars a year ( just before tax time) at a cause “near and dear to their hearts”, that they deserve some kind of humanitarian award.

    Put your lifestyle where your mouths are. Put YOUR family at risk.Open YOUR homes and YOUR schools and YOUR neighborhoods to them. I’m talking to you, Ashton Kutcher! If they are so welcome in YOUR America, then welcome them… and no vetting allowed!

    I saw Kim Kardashian and her sister bashing Trump over the immigration pause. Didn’t she just get mugged and robbed by armed terrorists in Paris? Can these people not think beyond their next selfie?

    I’m sure it makes them feel good to get all preachy. They live in gated communities which are protected by armed security guards. Think of the many instances where a fan tries to get onto a celebrity’s property. The security cameras record everything, the lowlife scumbag stalker fan is arrested and prosecuted.

    This is how they treat outsiders in real life. If all are welcome, why don’t they invite the fan in to meet them? Because they don’t really like anyone who isn’t in their club, that’s why.

  48. Hey, MEDIA, here’s a challenge. Take your microphones and crews out to visit these “big mouth”, so-called celebrities and ask them if they’ll support and take some refugees or Muslims in to their homes!

  49. Actors should not use there position in society during an event like the Oscars to get political, that’s not what the event is for, my brother has actually has a conversation with a Very well known actor about his views, and at least I can say that we might always agree but we still respect each other, not like a majority of the actors who don’t respect the other side just because we don’t agree with them, OUR current president was elected by the people and by the systems that has been established for many years, you have the right to your opinion, but you don’t have the right to burn cars, destroys property of BURN OUR FLAG….

  50. Boycott the Oscars, they need to know not all of us agree with their Liberal BS. They don’t speak for me, and I go to the movies too.

  51. HAHAHHA .. hollywood liberals never back up their words with any actions. I remember back in 2009 or maybe 2010 a bunch of hollywood libtards got together and made a lame video about how to save natural resources. You know, they got up there and said ride your bike or drive a prius or take public transportation. Stuff like that.

    I SPECIFICALLY remember Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher (I think they were married then) went on about how you should only flush your toilet ONCE a day to save water. So, is THAt what they do? CRAP into the same toilet all day and then only flush once? Yeah, I am sure they do that.

    They also went on about how to reduce carbon by driving a prius. 2 days later on TMZ I see both of them getting out of their 12 MPG Range Rover. I Had a range rover at that time so I KNOW it got 12 MPG.

    Typical libtards. Do what I say, not as I do.

  52. Liberals = bring all the immigrants in
    Trump says no thanks let’s keep rhe bad ones out.
    Liberals say. Oh that’s mean let them all come
    Trump supporter says ok you house them.
    Liberals Trump should be the first to house them.

    He isn’t the one demanding they be given a free pass here

  53. This is the best idea ever. I would like all of those actors, director, producers and the like to open their home so that America can see who they hire to wash their floors, clean their toilets and parent the children and show us the 1099 and W-9 statements they present to those employees every year. Then let’s see their tax returns to show us that the business and personal deductions they take are legal. They are so worried about the refugees and illegals and do not stand with our military veterans, poor and disabled. Disgusting.

  54. The double standard Hollywood celebrities apply on the rest of the country needs to boomerang right back upon their heads. Let THEM risk THEIR lives, homes, possessions and families to coddle illegal immigrants who may be rapists, murderers, thieves, or drug dealers, since we have no idea whether they are safe or not because we don’t vet them very well, if at all!

  55. While we are at it, let’s have Jorge Ramos open his doors to everyone who wants to enter his house. They can stay as long as they like, take what they like, destroy anything the want to, drive his cars, torture and murder his kids, rape his wife, kill his dog, steal his identity and drain his bank account and he has no need to know who they are, where they come from or where they plan to go next.
    How about it, Jorge?

  56. Eugene will never know what made America great but from his outside view and he must be mistake since we have lived it and know it the outside world will not unless they live here to know it. I’ll share with him my friends writing who after the first couple paragraphs nails it on the head what America is about and every liberal out their should read this as well.

    As I drove my daughter to school, we passed a Comcast worker. Then we passed a truck parked on the road from the local power company with several men working on one of the power lines. Sitting in a church parking lot with his lights flashing was a City worker who seemed to be catching up on paperwork.

    Every single one of the men working those blue collar jobs wore a construction helmet to protect their heads, but it was clear to see that they were all white.

    And when we pulled into the school parking lot, there were several buses unloading kids that were being driven by white bus drivers. The school staff that were milling about were all white.
    The message was very clear: America will go on, with or without immigrants. The infrastructure of America requires good, strong, Americans committed to doing skilled, professional work with professional work ethics, and we have men like that everywhere.

    And then, as there were groups of students standing around, I spotted Yellow Plastic Hats being handed out by several of the students. A group of “dark-complected” students were loitering outside not going to class even once they were instructed. And “activist students” that were being force-fed liberal doctrine day after day were handing out plastic hats to “show their solidarity with working immigrants.” It ALWAYS comes down to whether or not you are creating problems or solutions, whether you are working WITH the Collective Whole, or Against it. And it is ALWAYS a choice.

    What MUST BE UNDERSTOOD is that the Liberal Indoctrination of our Future Generations will CRIPPLE the identity and future of this nation with just as much Harm and Destruction as the very illegals and potential muslim-threat this “Day of Immigrants” is supposed to be about.

    Make no mistake: This is not just about the nationality of our citizens or the color of our skin. This is about the Quality of Character of the Fabric of our Nation.

    People that have a good work ethic do not compromise their responsibilities for political agendas. People that have a good work ethic do not leave their employers in a lurch without providing a suitable excuse and time to secure a replacement. And people that know the value of a hard-earned dollar do not arbitrarily skip a day of work when they have bills to pay and family members to support and feed.

    People, true Americans with truly patriotic American values, do not compromise the foundation of their own infrastructure to fulfill someone else’s political agendas. They can’t afford to, and they recognize they are not pawns to be manipulated by those who can’t possibly understand or relate to their struggle. They refuse to lose a day’s wages protesting for someone else’s agendas, especially not at their own expense.

    Most importantly, it’s imperative to note one major distinction between the types of people being represented today. The Democratic Agenda is and always has been an Anti-American agenda. The only time they fight for the Flag of these United States is for their right to burn it. The only time they secure their 1st Amendment Right or mention the Constitution is to fight for the right to protest and oppose our government because the don’t like our President. The only time they fight for the rights of the American People is when they are trying to secure the rights of the very people that have no legal right to be here and pose a very serious and legitimate threat to the Rightful Citizens to this Great Nation.

    These are not the actions of true Americans, and they do not represent the core values of the American People. Using the history of our nation, and the very fabric of our foundation, to further their own dysfunctional ideologies only further solidifies that the nation they wish to create and hold on to is a nation Divided, and a lawless, crime-filled, socialist regime run by a group of people intent on destroying the very identity of the nation that we actually are.

    We are a nation of laws. We are a nation of legal immigrants that believed in our country and the ideals it represented enough to first Dream of Citizenship, then Apply for it, then Learn about it, and finally, to Qualify for it. Our nation has always held it’s arms open wide for anyone that wishes to legally and lawfully enter through the Front Door and Earn the Right to become a part of us. THAT is who we are. We are a nation with plenty of room for diversity, but we do not have the luxury, nor patience, for those who would do harm to our citizens. We are a nation filled with citizens that would fight to their dying breath to protect their fellow man from the Evils that plague our world, and we will fight to protect our neighbors and children from ALL HARM, both foreign as well as domestic.

    And if you are TRULY an American, and TRULY a part of this Great Nation, you understand this, regardless of your political affiliations, religious beliefs, or ethnicity.

    America Comes First, and this includes the Safety of Her Citizens.

  57. Good man. Watch them all back peddle now..or suddenly become unavailable for intetviews ( haha that will kill them) in cade his letter is mentioned !!!

  58. The ones in Hollywodd showing the most outrage and publicity grand standing in reality: send their kids to private school, have security gates and guards,burn more fossil fuel than any 30 other citizens combined, belong to only private clubs, and are the most prejudiced, biased, ethnic and race obscessed people you would ever encounter. What they are, is rich phony liars acting out their part in life of a different character.

  59. What is wrong with celebrities using their platform to help people not as fortunate as themselves? You so called Christians are some hypocrite mother fuckers.

    • That’s NOT what they are wanting!!!! They’re JUST being fPC for their buddies….it looks good……they are the HYPOCRITES ..fool!!!!!

  60. I for one am sick of those that live in gated communities and send their children to private school being judgemental in respects to the common working peoples fears about the conditions that exist in their neighborhoods. No one has the right to promote or dictate policy to anyone if they are not the first to feel the effects of those policies. These people are the new aristocracy who really do not give a sh*tt about the common people. The are also in the forefront of our countries moral and social decline.

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