BREAKING: This Just In On Vice Admiral Harward…

Jordan's Prince Faisal (L), Army's head of operations and training Major General Awni Adwan (C) and deputy commander of US Central Command, US Navy Vice Admiral Robert S. Harward (R) attend the "Eager Lion" joint military exercise at the King Abdullah Special Operations Training Centre in Amman on May 27, 2012. The exercise conducted by the U.S. and Jordan includes more than 19 countries from five different continents and more than 12,000 participants, according to the United States Central Command. AFP PHOTO/KHALIL MAZRAAWI (Photo credit should read KHALIL MAZRAAWI/AFP/GettyImages)

Vice Admiral Robert Harward has declined the offer to become President Trump’s National Security Advisor, per CBS.

Harward would have served as a replacement to Michael Flynn, who resigned earlier this week.

Check it out:

Two sources close to the situation confirm Harward  Harward demanded his own team, and the White House resisted.

Specifically, Mr. Trump told Deputy National Security Adviser K. T. McFarland that she could retain her post, even after the ouster of National Security Adviser Michael Flynn. Harward refused to keep McFarland as his deputy, and after a day of negotiations over this and other staffing matters, Harward declined to serve as Flynn’s replacement.

Harward most recently served under now-Secretary of Defense General Mattis as deputy commander of U.S. Central Command. Harward also served overseas in Aghanistan and Iraq post-9/11.


  1. concerned that some of these Generals have more baggage than they let on. Flynn was Democrat under Obama right? was he a plant? or being used like one because he was sloppy?in 8 years how many solid conservatives would ‘really’ rise to the top?

    • Obama fired Flynn for being a vocal opponent to the Iran deal. That’s why Obama’s people sandbagged him, he had lots of inside knowledge on the deal and ammunition to take it down.

    • Vice Admiral Hayward wanted to bring in a bunch of democrats and never trumpers as part of his team, which was unacceptable to the White House.

  2. Mary Kate Knorr, thank you for this post.

    After word came out in the press that POTUS had made an offer to Vice Admiral Hayward, a report broke that a friend of the Vice Admiral was calling for resumes and that many Democrats and Never Trumpers were delighted.

    This led to a lot of angst in certain circles; and with Vice Admiral Hayward refusing to work with the existing team, he was a non-starter for the position.


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