SAD! Look What 2 Words MSNBC Just Called Trump…

Mika Brzezinski went all-in on Morning Joe today as the show mocked the President for information he’s given during press conferences.

Joe Scarborough’s co-host went so far as to say Trump’s presidency “doesn’t feel real.”

Check it out (via Weasel Zippers):

Scarborough: Are you saying, Mika, this feels like a fake presidency?

Brzezinski: It’s a fake presidency, I’m at that point.

Well I’m not exactly sure what a “fake presidency” is, but MSNBC seems to be coming unhinged.

Watch for yourself:


  1. ALL of these talking heads are gonna be lined up at apsychiatrist’s door before long, whoever produces meds for them is gonna make lotsa $$$$$$$$$$$………:>))))

  2. Who in the hell do these people think they are? They are not a talk show. They are a news program. Leave your personal views out of it and report the new. Just the facts. We are so sick of all of the news programs. No one reports the news anymore.

  3. Pew Research that 85% of MSNBC is not news, it is opinion TV. They are certainly opinionated but the try to sell anything on this station as news is absolutely criminal. MSNBC is simply a fake news station. No wonder 68% of the Americans don’t believe the news.

  4. The media has been so wrapped up in writing FAKE news & listening the former Fake president – THAT they have NO IDEA what TRUTH is anymore.

  5. FAKE NEWS – MSNBC, NBC news, ABC, CBS, NY Times, CNN

    I have stopped watching & have stopped clicking on any of the above ‘news’ media.

  6. It’s obvious, these two have confused Trump with Obama; the latter was truly a fake president. But, then, we’re talking about MSNBC, the epitome of fakeness.

  7. “Scarborough: Are you saying, Mika, this feels like a fake presidency?
    Brzezinski: It’s a fake presidency, I’m at that point.”

    It might be to them because they (MSM) have been coddled for too long that they might have felt (or really felt) entitled to act like spoiled brats.

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