CNN Outright MOCKS President Trump With One Tweet

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks during a news conference announcing Alexander Acosta as the new Labor Secretary nominee in the East Room at the White House on February 16, 2017 in Washington, DC. The announcement comes a day after Andrew Puzder withdrew his nomination.

It would appear that since President Trump’s been calling CNN to the carpet for their fake news coverage, they’ve thrown in the towel on being unbiased altogether.

CNN tweeted a video Thursday night that outright mocks the President.

Check it out (via Weasel Zippers):




  1. Thank you Mary Kate Knorr for this post. As a cable network, CNN has no interest in publishing unbiased news and has thrown all professionalism to the wind.

    In the circumstances, I recommend a campaign in which people go after their advertisers and make it clear that people will no longer support any company that pushes their products or services using CNN.

  2. Your beloved Fox new is the same way, they have no interest in being unbiased. please use your head, if you boycott advertiser of CNN, if it works, then you mess with some one else lively hood,as maybe getting hr cut or losing job all together, again you ppl on the right don’t give a dam about anyone, I think you should be asking why did tax payers pay over 100 grand in hotel, and other fee’s for trump two grown ass boys to promote a hotel over sea, why has trump played golf 2 weekends in a row, 3 trips, less the month to FL cost over 10 million, costing over 500thousand a day to protect trump towers, becuse his wife don’t want to be first lady, which is plain and simple, Disrespecting this country, and everyone that served..If you really sat down, with a bible and god sitting next to you, and was honest with your self, If thump was Hillary or anyone from the left, you would be calling for their heads, and embracing what media are saying, Fake New’s is coming right from the White House, when they get called out on lie’s, the change the subject and blame media, Obama, the dog..

    • …and you get your “facts” where?…Trump went home to his house…did Obama ever go back to the House he bought from Jarrett?…

    • You are one f**ked up in the head mother. Drink some kool-aid and chill. Everything you said can be refuted. but i know you won’t listen, so I’m not even going to try. Just wanted you to know how stupid you sounded.

    • CNN is the most biased news of them all. If people want to keep working for CNN spreading lies and propaganda they are doing a bad job and if they loose out they deserve it. News reporters should be honest, give it as it is, don’t twist it to control peoples thoughts and actions. Most people are sick and tired of the the propaganda machine working the media. Fox is not perfect but better than the others. President Trump has done more for America just squashing political correctness and making it where people are no long afraid to speak the TRUTH. As far as the golfing goes Obama golfed 300 times, Michelle took 30 people on vacation on tax payers money. I can’t wait to see between Obama and President Trump, who will spend more of American tax payers money, I believe without a doubt it will be the Obamas!!!

    • Lets see , how many years did Obama blame EVERYONE else ? How many times did we hear its Bush’s fault ? It s the Republicans , it was anybody’s fault but his own . His stupid failed policies were his and his alone .

    • Nice try no one is buying it. We have eyes and ears and see the weak critistism of horrible Obama Presidency and the crucification of a man who loves his country Sad Don’t blame FOX the media did it to the,selves.

    • How about the ten trillion of debt Obama added to our debt. How much of that money do you thank was stolen. At least Trump is trying to turn that around. And working short handed (the opposition trying to stall his cabinet appointments) look what he has accomplished.

  3. It’s true! Trump has been playing them like a violin and leading them like a conductor. Funny too they claim he’s attacking the freedom of the press.He isn’t. You can’t be a “free press” when you answer to advertisors and your reporting to a specific type of viewer.

  4. A pity they are a cable company. If they were broadcast television, or radio, there would be broadcasting licenses to be reassigned to more trustworthy outlets.

  5. I am hoping for jail time for some of these liars. I don’t think the news care how mad Trump get until jail time and fines then this crap will stop. All I want is honesty in the news not agreement.

  6. The Clinton News Network will never be credible, especially after knowingly handing over questions to Hillary during the debate, and constantly trying to make up news to try to hurt Trump. They are a joke!!

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