Democrats Are NOT Happy With “Obama’s New Army.” Here’s Why

WASHINGTON, DC - NOVEMBER 04: US President Barack Obama delivers remarks at an Organizing for Action "Obamacare Summit" at the St. Regis Hotel on November 4, 2013 in Washington, D.C. Obama spoke on health care and rallied over 200 supporters to get uninsured consumers to purchase a plan through the Affordable Care Act. (Photo by Ron Sachs-Pool/Getty Images)

Buzz within the Democratic party is that activists are peeved at OFA—the successor organization of “Obama For America,” which is now called “Organizing For Action.”

Per Weasel Zippers, OFA is meant to act as a sort of “parallel-Democratic National Committee” but has instead “drawn the intense ire, both public and private, of grassroots organizers and state parties that are convinced that OFA inadvertently helped decimate Democrats at the state and local level.”

Check it out:

“This is some GRADE A Bullshit right here,” Stephen Handwerk, executive director of the Louisiana Democratic Party, wrote in a private Democratic-listserv email obtained by The Daily Beast. Handwerk was reacting to news of OFA’s post-election retooling, which was shared “without comment” to the group of state-level Dems by Crystal Kay Perkins, executive director for Texas Democrats.

“It also to me seems TONE DEAF—we have lost over 1,000 seats in the past 8 years… all because of this crap,” Handwerk continued. “Let’s get through the next two weeks—but then we gotta figure this out and keep the pressure on. WOW.”

Inner-party turmoil can’t be good signs for Democrats moving forward, who are scrambling to organize after historic losses this past cycle.

The party has been in panic mode as recent polls revealed one of it’s most promising leaders, Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, might have a fight on her hands to retain her seat in 2018.


  1. This is good news and there’s nothing fake about it. : )

    It’s donkey on donkey drama and disarray on the democrat plantation.

  2. I’m surprised they anyone with any sense would want to stay in a party where those who are running for the DNC chair support ‘shutting people up’ even people within their own party, merely because of the color of their skin.

    • Not only that, but a Muslim with a strong chance of winning the DNC Chair! Instant political suicide if selected. Sharia would become a plank in Democrat platform, which is a set of barbaric rules totally opposite of our Constitution!

      • It won’t be instant suicide, it would be a slow death of the party. They still see Islam as only a “religion’ and not a political ideology of a theocracy that it is.

  3. I pray Kurt Shilling runs in Massssssssssssaaaaaaaaaaachuuuuuuuuuuusetts. Oh my gosh Warren would go down. She can’t compete with a real Sports Hero. She is a fake Indian he is a Real sports Icon !!

  4. King Obama the first, this guy hasn’t given up on his dream. I am hoping for some jail time in his future, and I would like to know where that ten trillion in debt went. The yearly interest payment on that debt is more that 4 times all the gold in Fort Knox.

    • Few understand what even $1 Trillion is, let alone $20 Trillion! Think. If you spent $1 million a day, it would take over 2700 years to spend the $1 Trillion. This is one of Alinsky’s Rules for Radical, create an unsustainable debt! Obama is pure evil.

      • That debt should be investigated. Was any of that money stolen. That much money should be pretty hard to hide. 1 trillion will finance the rebuilding and repair of all our roads and bridges.

  5. Obama always had his sights on being world ruler after POTUS.
    The role of world dictator/antichrist is the one he’s aiming for.

  6. the democrat party is finally seeing what obama is really about and he never intended for the democrat party to be a part of the future of america he had used them to get what he wanted and they took the hook like a hungry bass will do now its time to see what he has done to destroy us and take action to put him in his place and work with President Trump to bring back what we can to keep america free and strong otherwise we may find ourselves in a no win situation for sure

  7. If they are considering Warren “promising”, they’re really in deep kimchee. She’s a fake and the proposed DNC Chair is an anti-Semite. Look out Democrats in 2018, you’re going to get creamed again.

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