You, Sir, Are Unfortunately Being Used By Democrats

Dem Rep Lewis: I Don’t See Trump as ‘A Legitimate President’ ‘There Was a Conspiracy on the Part of the Russians’ – Breitbart

You, Sir, Are Unfortunately Being Used By Democrats Who’d Hide Behind Your Race; You, Rep. Lewis, Deserve Better

Stay with me on this, folks.

Sent to speak for saddened democrats who are now frothing at the mouth in greater desperation to silence the voice of the people and delegitimize the election, Rep. John Lewis (D-GA) was played as a pawn today. This is unjust and despicable on the part of democrat leaders who just tested political winds.

Liberal operatives are daring Americans to hold Lewis accountable for accusations made on NBC, knowing it’s convenient for them that Trump supporters must follow their new-normal rule and “better not go there.”

Democrats will now more hurriedly spew the false premise that Hillary is the rightful winner of the Presidency – despite getting thumped by vote tallies – by grasping at a conspiracy straw before the inauguration.

And what a straw it is: supposedly foreigners convinced enough independent, fed-up Americans that the U.S. could not afford a third Obama term; Russia leaked politicos’ emails, and despite zero credible explanations made about the actual veracity and content OF their emails, it is actually Putin’s control over us that made millions pull the lever for Trump.

Forget America’s desperate need to drain the swamp and end Washington’s status quo. The Russians made me do it.

The “vast West wing conspiracy” (remember, Russia’s right there on my Westside) was announced by Lewis today with expectations that fellow Congressmen now have permission to follow suit.

Because the warped political correctness police have so warped national debate, the media will not focus on holding Lewis accountable for his very vague but very incendiary accusations. There will not be demands for the facts and evidence that Americans deserve following today’s “official” democrat delegitimization, but instead media will focus on their favorite show-stopper.

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Watch what happens. Label those who disagree with democrat spokesman Lewis a racist in 3… 2… 1.

PC police are so used to getting away with forcing the pivot from having to discuss truth by using their false, disgusting cry of “racism” – they did it anytime someone questioned Obama’s policies all these years – that their go-to is deflect, divide and stop debate by lying about the questioner. (It is obviously a lie that I am a racist; only an idiot would believe the disgusting charge; and it’s a shame people have to be on the defensive about race in our discussions today.)

As one writer puts it, butt-hurt politicos can hide behind Lewis’ race now, as he leads the first official charge to delegitimize the election. It is their M.O.

State facts and evidence that foreigners created the sub par candidacy of Hillary Clinton, Mr. Lewis, and I’ll believe you, because you are an honored American. But do not let fellow Americans use you on this issue, knowing Trump supporters aren’t allowed to “go there” because of that false, hateful label they’ve slapped on anyone who’d hold you accountable for your accusations today.

– Sarah Palin

H/T Breitbart