Conservative Populism Just Took Another BIG Step Forward…

LYON, FRANCE - FEBRUARY 05: President of French far-right Front National (FN) party Marine Le Pen acknowledges the public at the end of a major rally to launch her presidential programme on February 5, 2017 in Lyon, France. Marine Le Pen is candidate for the Presidential elections in France this year. (Photo by Chesnot/Getty Images)

When Britain shocked the world and voted to leave the disastrous European Union, it was clear that conservative populism was a force to be taken seriously.

Donald Trump’s election confirmed that idea.

Now, it appears that another world power is about to send a similar message.

From Bloomberg:

Marine Le Pen gained ground on her rivals for the French election as she benefits from concerns about security while other candidates trained their fire on independent front-runner Emmanuel Macron.

Monday’s daily OpinionWay poll showed that first-round support for anti-euro candidate Le Pen rose 1 percentage point to 27 percent, with Macron and Republican Francois Fillon unchanged at 20 percent each. While no surveys so far have shown Le Pen even close to a victory in May’s run-off, she’s quickly narrowing the gap to her rivals. OpinionWay showed Macron would defeat Le Pen by 58 percent to 42 percent in the second round. His advantage has halved in less than two weeks.

It is hard to make the argument that France doesn’t need major change and we all know how overwhelmed they are on the national security front.

If the name Le Pen rings a bell it might be because you remember Governor Palin’s support of Marine Le Pen’s niece.

From BBC:

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Former US vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has said she has a “political crush” on Marion Marechal-Le Pen of France’s National Front (FN).

Ms Palin, writing for the conservative news website Breitbart, described the Frenchwoman as “a clear voice of courage and common sense in a country and continent in need of both”.

The young far-right candidate reminded her of Joan of Arc, she said.

It looks like Governor Palin was ahead of the curve on this one.


  1. “It looks like Governor Palin was ahead of the curve on this one.”

    As usual!

    Chuck Heath Jr’s baby sister has usually lapped the pack by the time others have left pit row.

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