Trump Visits African American Museum, Liberals Immediately Do Something Awful To Him…

President Donald Trump is visiting the Smithsonian’s National Museum of African American History today.

The museum is set just east of the Washington Monument and closely observes African American heritage and culture.

Per ABC News:

The president was initially scheduled to visit the museum in observance of Martin Luther King Day but ABC News later learned that the visit was removed from his calendar due to scheduling issues and was not fully planned out.

Liberals are quickly making a mockery of the President’s visit and had this to say:





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This respectable visit has stirred quite the controversy.



  1. Lot of bigots commenting on this post. You need to realize. Trump had many black and hispanic friends till he ran for President. They are the ones who bailed out on him.

    • President Trump had a lot of black and hispanic people who voted for him. You are on here a lot “professor”, what are you professing? Lies and hate? You are a bigot yourself thinking we are against the blacks and hispanics.

    • I guess he made a better Friend than potus. If they were close friends, that speaks for itself. Sort of like “Friends don’t let friends drive drunk”

    • Oh so you know what was going on. I hope you don’t think you’re unique all you libs are the same person. You think with one brain which is why you should be forgiven. Libs are showing their idiocy but I know you all can’t help it.

    • You liberals remind me of the Star Trek series with the Borg. The Borg is a collective of a singular mind bent on controlling the universe and assimilating everyone into the collective. You Ms Will are part of the Liberal Collective controlled by George Soros a communist. Maybe y’all need to be called The Borg, sounds better than democrat.

    • How is he a hypocrite for honoring a black person? As for visiting the place, have you ever been there? I have never been there and probably never will be, but I’ll bet a lot of people who go there take selfies. It doesn’t matter what President Trump does, you ignorant liberals will find a way to talk bad about him. You are just too pathetic for words snowflake.

    • Wow!
      False accusation, name calling and clairvoyance all rolled up into one little pellet!
      Yeah, you sure got us alright.

  2. The friends who are with him know the truth! The “racist card” is getting old! It is a story used by illegal criminals to stay in our country! I know a lot of white people with Mexican Nationality who want the wall built! Our President is not a racist! If he was his business would be broke! President Trump has had employees working for him for decades! He has a diverse culture all around him! The race card isn’t going to help illiegels! If you break the law your color means nothing!

    • Spot on.

      As with Governor Palin, with Trump it’s all about the work.

      And that’s the heartbeat of America, no matter which state or rez we call home or what our ethnic or national heritage.

      We, the American People, are still the hardest working and most productive workers in the world.

      The engine is getting primed and once it roars back to life we’ll see fewer and fewer people with the time or incentive to waste time by sitting around making up lies and stuffing race cards up their snotty sleeves.

  3. What did Obama do for African- Americans? It’s a pretty easy question to answer. From where I’m sitting it sure looked like he didn’t do anything but give handouts; handouts that bought him votes. My money is on Trump/Dr Crason HUD Sec will show what should have been done years ago, putting them in good paying jobs and off of our welfare rolls. I pray blacks will force elected black reps to make deals with Trump, they must stop fighting everything he’s trying to do for our nation.

  4. “This is just a photo op”. Yeah, like Obama NEVER did that!!! “Trump has proved himself to be a racist”. These deranged liberals will NEVER livedown their loss. Get over it you flipping crybaby bullies!

  5. Ignorance and hatred are a mix which breeds this type of sentiment. President Trump has reached out to the African American Community and is called a racist, doesn’t get any crazier than that!

  6. You’ve got to expect this sort of anti-American, antisocial, White-hating behavior from liberals and the sorts they pander to- and enable. It’s why we’ve essentially removed them from US political positions and why we need to go far further in order to ensure that they never again have any meaningful impact upon the direction of OUR country.

      • LOL I’m Pagan, not Christian…but, if your God would choose to listen, I’d be honored. Hell! America is mostly made up of His people. It’d be nice in a way – maybe not so much for me but the nation is more important than the citizen – if He’d step in and get a bit wrathful. 😉

        • God hears all prayers.

          He’d love to hear from you. : )

          btw…He went to great lengths to show His love for Pagans.

          Go for it. He knows our hearts, and I sense yours is a good one.

  7. if he goes he’s criticized, if he doesn’t go he’s criticized, doesn’t make a difference, you have made up your mind you don’t like him and even him doing the good of the American people isn’t going to change your closed mind.

  8. The hatred that oozes from the left stinks so bad, you can smell it to the edge of the solar system. Such deep hatred is the normal state for Democrats, Progressives, Socialists, and Activists. They do not show any other emotion to anyone who is not part of their group think. That is why the activist groups they create, are so violent and angry all the time. The KKK, BLM, Occupy, and a host of other Democrat creations all have that one thing in common. They hate, and they show it.

    • That’s an accurate insight, I think.
      The other thing I’m finding they have in common is they feel totally entitled to be so.
      You have their number.

  9. A case of damned if you do it, damned if you don’t.

    Trump is probably visiting out of respect for the history,and not to appease the ingratful baaastards.

  10. I am a Trump/President of the United States supporter and I want to know where to find the list of things he has done to suggest he is a racist (in the true definition of the word, not in that fouled up way the liberals use it)
    . All I hear is the accusation.

  11. Are any of these people mentioned in the article politcians, influential leaders, or even celebrities? Maybe I’m out of the loop, but I’ve never heard of any of them.
    IMHO, folks ON BOTH SIDES need to stop using random twitter and FB posts as evidence of a group as a whole. Of course, there are some cases when an internet response is so overwhelming and/or disturbing that it is worth reporting. But for the most part, I don’t really care what Joe Schmo and Jane Doe think (no offense to Joe and Jane).
    For comparison’s sake, I went to a Breitbart article about Obama visiting the museum last year. Many were nasty, quite a few were racist, others were just inaccuate ((EX: Obama should visit Holocaust Museum. (He has, both in DC and Berlin.))
    But it’s wrong to assume these comments constitute conservatives, or even all Breitbart readers.
    BTW,This isn’t a criticism of just this site. Lots of sites do it.

  12. Not one of those liberal people above matter one bit. President Trump went to show his support to the blacks and you idiots talk bad about him. You liberals are all so stupid. He works just as hard to make things better for you as he does for the rest of us and all you do is slander him. You people are pitiful. Get your blankies and your binkies and go pout in the corner you little snowflakes.

  13. How many liberals know the history of the Democratic Party ?? How many know Lincoln’s affiliation or the history of the KKK or the history behind Planned Parenthood,

  14. Id like to comment about the comment that said it was like watching a sinner go into a church burst into flames um news flash church is for the sinner and god would never cause them to burst into flames, he’d welcome them with a loving heart. Let ye with out sin cast the first stone.

  15. The press reminds me of Dylan:

    “Well, they’ll stone you and say that it’s the end

    Then they’ll stone you and then they’ll come back again

    They’ll stone you when you’re riding in your car

    They’ll stone you when you’re playing your guitar…”

    Anything Trump does, they stone him.

  16. I hear a lot of claims about the President, that he is a “racist”. Oddly, even though I have asked many who have made this claim…not one of them has actually cited comments or actions he has committed that reveal any hint of racism. The only “evidence” of racism cited has been his immigration policy and that is merely following laws that have been on the books for decades. How is that racist?

  17. Sure glad Byrd didn’t have ties to the KKK… no wait… he was a MEMBER… but since he was a liberal democrat, that was OK, right?

  18. Have any of you ever attended church before? If not you need to go and pray to God to get the hate out of your heart. At least President Trump has morals, something you media idiots don’t have.

  19. “Jenn Lovato,” whoever that is, clearly has no understanding of church or Xianity, if she thinks “sinners” are unwelcome there. Churches are, as the saying goes, “hospitals for sinners.”

    That kind of fundamental ignorance unites the sufferers of Trump Derangement Syndrome as much as anything does.

  20. With all of the bricks these loony liberals are crapping out.. we are going to soon have enough of them to build that will probably rival the Great Wall of China..

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