10th Grade Teacher Slams Sarah Palin To Her Daughter’s Class, Asks Students To…

Sadly, we have seen a number of examples of teachers in this country pushing their own political agenda on children.

It isn’t just happening at liberal universities but even young children in elementary and middle school are being taught to dislike Republicans and President Trump.

Bristol Palin has more on how this indoctrination at school happened to her own family.

From Patheos:

Recently, my 10th grade sister actually just had something awkward happen to her at school.  A liberal teacher, someone who has always hated my mom, went on a rant about President Donald Trump.   This alone should be disturbing, but you can see it happens all over the nation to unsuspecting kids all the time.  Of course, this teacher’s political rant turned into and anti-Sarah Palin rant. (Because why wouldn’t it?)

Then, the teacher told the kids in his class that they should tell Piper what he said and how they feel about my mom’s politics!

I couldn’t believe it.

A few days later, after the teacher was sent to the principal’s office – literally – and interviewed by the principal, the teacher apologized to my dad.

Very disappointing to hear.

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Have you or your children encountered something like this?

Let us know in the comments below!


        • Yes, kids that will stand up to teachers. Or better yet do away with government run schools altogether, and get our education back on track with less money and better quality! When has government done anything right?

          • thus the Betsy DeVos choice…she wants to put education decisions back with the state and local gov’t.

          • Which is where they should have stayed. Kids learned more when the states and local governments made the choices. Kids today no nothing of real history. Yeck, they can’t even read and write anymore. Everything is computer generated. We are becoming to tech savvy.

          • I agree. I homeschooled my last child out of 4 and she is doing wonderful. Shame on teachers who would do this.

          • Homeschooled ours too. We were shocked to find out that public school is SO watered down. Our kids learned WAY more in homeschool than they EVER did in public schools.

          • Same here. Our oldest went to college and they didn’t even ask for any transcripts or other high school records because he got an almost-perfect score on the college entrance exams. He gets a lot of credit for doing so well, as he loved learning and researching.

          • Home schools are for socially retarded kids! How’s he doing in college, probably doesn’t have a single friend.

    • Pure radicals intentionally trying to indoctrinate. It’s been getting worse and worse generation by generation. They thought they had the country for all time with Obama. They’re so desperate not to lose their foothold on America, and they will not go willingly back into the shadows.

  1. My third grade teacher liked to pick on me because I shared the same last name with a Republican state senator even though we were not related.

  2. We should call the school and demand they fire that teacher. Makes me mad that just because he hates President Trump and Sarah Palin he thinks it’s okay to act like an ASS.

  3. THIS is the MOST egregious kind of bullying! ZERO TOLERANCE, should be afforded an asshat such as this. ANY job, with any even a minuscule amount of power, is a Natural Draw for some self important SOB who will ABUSE that Power! THIS SOB should be fired and never allowed in a classroom EVER AGAIN! Insincere apologies are not enough!

      • Yea, like every other deranged group thinker –so willing to EVER give Sarah & her family a chance ! When you USE your position to bully a child in your school class because of personal dementia so uncontrollable, you include animus towards the child’s parent-there IS NO other side to consider. The debate, argument is moot and dishonest.
        The teacher destroyed his/herself and, clearly; should never “teach” a child again–but be taught manners, student-teacher rules & standards of personal intrusion, common sense and self respect to understand calling “out” a student’s family because of personal differences against them, is a just cause for termination.
        Piper & friends should return to school with large brightly lettered word posters: SARAH PALIN & her Children’s lives MATTER!! Demand Honor, Respect and a Few Honest, Decent Teachers in our schools ! No Hate Allowed ! Go Piper go !,

  4. I no longer have children in school but I do have grand children in school and something similar to this happened in one of their classes involving home work; it was about religious freedom – or lack thereof – and nothing was done about it when a complaint was lodged to the school administrators against the teacher involved. When is enough, enough?

  5. It started in Jr. High for my son. He had a teacher that tried to indoctrinate his students (to the left). Then in High School not so much but we live in a very liberal area so there was the influence of his friends. He then went off the the University of Chicago. It is tough to get accepted there and he did so he wanted to go there. When I finally got him back 4 years later, he told me he is a “Socialist”.. So much for “Higher Education”. They no longer teach kids how to think for themselves but they are teaching them what to think and that’s a crying shame…I still love my son more than ever but we can’t ever talk about politics – we end up yelling at each other and it just isn’t worth it….He’s an adult now and that is that.

    • As you can see from my post above, the same thing has happened to my daughter – not quite so extreme. Sending your kid to school these days can be the most dangerous place for them to be! Keep stating the truth. Hopefully maturity and reason will win out in the end! Good luck!

    • Well make sure you cut off all monetary support if you are supporting him because it’s easy being a socialist if someone else is supporting you

    • I don’t remember it being like that when I was in high school. My brother and I went to the same school and he is one year younger. We CANNOT discuss politics!! We are such polar opposites … he’s a total lefty liberal and I’m a die-hard Trumpetarian!! When politics comes up, it becomes a screaming match! I told him I won’t discuss politics anymore!!

  6. Should of been fired ,it shows what kind of person she is ,I know it’s hard to fire a teacher. But there should be some things that cross the line

  7. Leave the children out of politics. Teachers are there to teach, not give their opinion. These children will get enough politics when they grow up. This teacher is a bully.

  8. Sorry I would of said apology not excepted and the principal should of suspended that Teacher for some time with out pay. See people like this never learn from just saying I’m sorry. A lesson learned is a lesson earned.

  9. This is a serious ethical and professional breach, and it should be taken in front of the school board, where serious disciplinary action should be taken against this teacher.

    I tend to doubt it was an isolated incident, and if I were a parent in that district I’d be making it my business to force the District adopt a written policy to prevent such conduct, protect students and ensure punitive action for violations.

    This is not a free speech issue. It’s a mental health warning.

    • I really must take exception to that statement. Discussing important issues and principles are so important in a free & democratic society. It’s when one side becomes unhinged, like we’re seeing with the liberals in this country, that we think we have to sit down & shut up. All the more reason to speak up and take a stand. Not the way they do, but with respect & reason & intelligence. I hope you won’t refrain from talking out when you hear something you know isn’t in keeping with your own principles. It’s the only way we can combat what’s happening. Polite circles simply discuss these things politely! 🙂

      • having had a Daughter commit Suicide due to bullying, No one, especially someone as influential as a teacher should EVER do this to a child! If you lost your Daughter because of this, you would understand. i sure hope you never have to go thru that.

      • Dee, I understand your passion, but you are placing too much faith in the power of discussion with a person of closed mind. The difficulty in changing the “essential beliefs” of a person has been the subject of discussion by many great minds over the years and it seems like the general consensus is that the task is somewhere near impossible. For example, what is essentially communicated to a person involuntarily admitted to a psych hospital is that: “you are living your life in an inappropriate manner, and we are going to change the way you live and interact with the world.” Hmm, what do you thing about the chances of success? Not to say that all is lost, it’s just that we need to look for alternative approaches.

  10. I am sick of liberal teachers. He must be terminated now! If Trump or Palin were black, this would be automatic termination but, they are Republicans. No foul.

    • Go hire the black shirt protesters to riot in front of the school teacher’s house. I don’t think they care where or against what, they riot

  11. That’s the double standard we have in this country, if it had been a rant about Obama the teacher would have lost his job, since it was about Trump and Palin an apology is all that was needed, we need to hold them to the same standards and fire this teacher, its going to be the only way to keep politics out of the classroom……

    • Oh please………………..you butt hurt liberals make me laugh because you are so stupid and as we all know, you can’t fix stupid……. Oh and btw, if you libs didn’t have double standards, you would have none at all………………..just sayin’.

      • I would suggest you actually read my statement, but before doing so pray for comprehensive skills then you might realize how idiotic you sound….

  12. it is probably more common that believed, especially after 8 years of obama. i am surprised that the teacher is still hired. The political rants are bad enough without attacking a youth in the school. I think Sarah showed great restrain in not staking him out in the wilderness to be eaten.

  13. If this is true, it is bullying. The teacher was bullying Piper, and even worse, encouraging other students to bully Piper. This should be investigated. Both the school, and Sarah Palin, should be asked to comment.
    Depending on the actual circumstances, this is grounds for firing.
    But my question is, why did the teacher apologize only to Todd Palin? He should apologize to Sarah, either in person, or in a letter. AND, if not fired, the teacher should apologize to the class that he made the “rant” to.

  14. It should be against the law for teachers to spout their political opinions in the classroom. As a walk on coach, I had to sign a paper that I would not discuss politics with my athletes, although several of them told me they were required to watch the vice presidential debate, and then write a paper about how stupid Sarah Palin was. Hm, that’s not opinionated at all.

  15. The school should be put on legal notice that they are creating an environment of hate for Piper Palin, and if these incidents continue, not only will the school district be sued, but the individuals who allow it happen will be sued as well.

  16. Rewind to 2008. My daughter just began college & found she couldn’t discuss her conservative views in any of her classes because the teachers were so liberal & were bashing you & McCain. She was not the most outgoing person, and now she had no where to express her views. So today, especially here in CA where nuts, fruits and flakes abound, she’s struggles with knowing what conservative values are, but must fit in. She & others her age haven’t heard anything good for 8 long, miserable years and we wonder why our kids are so mixed up! And it’s so obvious that these very mentally unstable teachers have no business in our schools! Principal’s office my a$$! The damage has already been done to the children who have listened to this unfettered hatred. So sick of story after story about it. Of course, your kids are strong & know better, but what about the others who have been victimized? Teacher should be fired!

    • My child went to public school and excelled all the way through…he’s had a solid Christian upbringing AND is now at Liberty University and excelling there as well…I’m thankful that he can pursue a secular profession and not get Liberal hogwash from the professors.

  17. I grew up in the fifties and my high school teachers were scrupulous about not bringing their politics into the classroom. I remember us speculating about the political beliefs of teachers, but we never knew.
    Any teacher bringing their politics into the classroom should be immediately fired and their teaching certificate voided.
    Their job is to educate, not indoctrinate. Treat them as any employee refusing to do their job.

  18. Yes it has. My 7 year old that likes Trump came home saying the Teachers said ” We should have elected Hillary because Trump calls women fat, he hates Muslims, his a racist ect” I don’t see why a 7 year old needs to hear these things from Teachers. Leave the political stuff for me to deal with and not indoctrinate my child with your political views before my child understands the true meaning of critical thinking. It’s become disgusting.

  19. this kind of behavior isn’t new. I remember in the early ’80’s. my son was at a catholic school in so. florida. In a history class told the class that president carter was the best U.S. president ever and President Reagan was a radical right winger. but the worst was when she told the class, that all Nam vets were a bunch of drug addicts, alcoholics and mass killers. I guess she was talking about me. she got fire. Today my son is 42 an a real estate sgent, my younger son is a fleet manager for a national corp. i’m retired and been married so my wife for 45 years, so i guess she was wrong. So the libs/socialist been working at this for a long time.

  20. Why was the teacher not fired? Apology? What a pathetic school. Sorry to hear that young people of good character are being subjected to this abuse.

  21. He must really be afraid of Todd and didn’t want his azz whipped. Lol. I would be more afraid of Sarah. Then again maybe that’s why he apologized to Todd and not Sarah. Lmao. He needs to be fired for being a jerk. Another reason why Trump won

  22. It hasn’t happened to me b/c by children are grown and have their own children. But we have a parallel situation in our schools which are more Arab than American. The Arab kids are insolent, arrogant, act like they own the school, get by with everything, start fights and lie about who started it…….America has become a hell hole and the schools are leading the way.

  23. And “they” wonder why people are pulling their children out of public school and why the teacher’s union is so afraid of Betsy DeVos. The swamp is everywhere!

  24. We’ve been building toward this since the socialists started their takeover of the public school system. So it’s been generations that American children have been indoctrinated rather than educated. It wll take generations to undo the damage, if it’s even possible. I fear for the generation after the boomers. There won’t be more than a handful of real Americans in the bunch! Particualrly not in the GenX and GenY (WHY ME? WHY DO I HAVE TO WORK) . They swallow the efluvium shoveled into their heads by the Mainstream media and their liberal teachers with never a thought to questioning what they’re hearing. They’re just sheeple.

  25. This makes me furious! Half my family are/were teachers and took that position as a sacred trust. Never would politics come into their classrooms and never would any child be embarassed. They taught English and Music. My daughter taught honors and AP Biology. I know they would be appauled by this angry teacher. He has no business around children.

  26. Has to be said – if the political shoe had been on the other foot this teacher would have felt the swift kick out the door before he could set his bedside alarm to get up for work the next morning.

  27. Should have his dumb ass fired. Totally unacceptable and I’m sure his apology was a total sham. What a jerk. Liberals are totally out of control and acting like 3 year olds. Time for them to grow up and get over it. I hated Odummer but didn’t cry and moan like these morons.

  28. I would have made it my mission in life that this teacher be made an example of. An apology doesn’t cut it. I’d file a lawsuit. I’d go to the education board. I would make this chick realize she’s effing with the wrong family.

  29. I want to know why that teacher was not fired, as we know a conservative teacher going on such a rant against Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama would have been.

    I’m sick and tired of liberals expecting a half-assed apology (which we know they don’t really mean, anyway) is sufficient when an apology is never enough when a conservative does something like this.

  30. I want to see the day when teachers are required to stick to school approved lesson plans and leave their opinions and editorializing out.of the classroom. That teacher needs to be fired.

  31. Teachers like this should not have a job. They are there to educate the kids, not indoctrinate them in a political party.

  32. Is it any wonder why we support private and charter schools and vote no on government school levies. I am sure most government school teachers do a good job. Unfortunately a few idiots like the one in this story make the rest of them look bad.

  33. Palin more or less outed the teacher, without naming him, in her FB post. (How many male Prius-driving drama teachers can there be at Piper’s high school?). But both Bristol and Sarah expressed concern for the other students in the class who were harmed by the teacher who was not held accountable. So why didn’t Mama Grizzly hold him accountable? I realize it’s a delicate situation; you don’t want to make Piper’s last years in high school miserable. But Palin has the bully pulpit; she could have demanded his resignation, or at the very least, an apology, and explanation not just to her and Piper, but to the entire class.

  34. He should be fired for promoting his opinions and political views in a classroom full of kids. Unacceptable no matter who he was talking about. What an idiot and he’s no teacher because a real teacher would never do something like this in the school setting with the kids. Fire him, school district.

    • According to Sarah, it was a Drama teacher. I don’t know about Piper’s school specifically, but many high schools just have 1, maybe 2 drama teachers.

  35. “It’s so sad to see how so many have loss their sense of common decency” No, DemonRATS are not decent and they are showing their true INTOLERANT selves.

  36. After reading the story and all of the comments, it seems like PARENTS have to be involved in the school more. Have you ever showed up to your child’s class unannounced? Try it and be prepared to be told that you can’t be there. Gee, last I heard my taxes were paying the nitwit teachers their salary. They work for me. I showed up a lot to see what the heck was going on. It is totally worth it. Try it some instead of complaining here.

  37. Shocking a teacher thought he could get away with this in conservative Alaska. Just shows that liberals live in their own cocoon and think opposing opinions don’t exist.

  38. Students all over America should files charges against teachers for harassment, discrimination, and bullying. Schools should be safe from all these stressors from student section and other staff.

  39. This goes beyond even a teacher engaging in inappropriate political indoctrination in the classroom.

    That sorry-azzed excuse for a teacher deliberately and viciously singled out a particular student for her tirade against the student’s parent and advocacy for the bullying of the student.

    She should be fired.

    • Only in your dreams Robbie, only in your dreams……………………….the number of teachers in this country who would speak against the fraud POS is probably closer to 0 than any other number…………………….

  40. World WAR II. My dad called a Nazi in class and this teacher went so far as to tell the boys in class to “take care of that NAZI”. All because of a last name. We have not changed much.

  41. I have cautioned my daughter to watch everything our grandson comes home with from school. Look at his papers and his homework. Ask what the teacher is saying. Be aware of what the curriculum is in his class. Pubic schools belong to the citizens NOT the government. Make them be accountable.

  42. this teacher should be fired. this goes for any teacher that goes on a political rant. my daughter is a 8th grade social studies teacher and she pushes for students to research the candidate and look at all sides before coming to their own dicisions. Not to just go by what they hear their family or friends or media says. this is how all teachers should be.

  43. …Liberals inflict their intolerance for personal responsibilities, and condemnation for Christian morality when ever they perceive a soap box to speak from.

  44. If that Liberal insulted my Wife and/or Daughter,he’d be doing it without teeth from that point on. If these “Teachers” would spend as much time educating Children as indoctrinating them,we’d have the best educated populace in the world.

  45. Interviewed, but apparently not disciplined or fired. At some point parents are going to need to revolt against this political activism in the schools. Isn’t there a bullying component in there somewhere? If that gets kids expelled, shouldn’t it get a teacher fired?

  46. You should never have accepted the apology. The teacher should be named and publicly ridiculed and then fired. It is time to bring back shaming. If he can do it to a student we can do it to him.

  47. The teacher should be fired, should be charged with criminal child endangerment and sued personally for civil rights abuses. She should lose her pension and be permanently banned from ever working within 1,000 yards of a child.

  48. I understand that she has her political leanings, but #1. She should leave her politics out of her job! #2. She should not pick on her students, just because she may have political differences with her parents!!! I am a lifelong Democrat, and she is a bad teacher!! FIRE HER!!!

  49. Yes, my son’s freshman year was hell. IB English teacher – assigns kids papers based on a questionaire regarding their political views during the election year -2016. Of course, the kids say that the grades were given based on the liberal/conservative scale. Liberals got A’s, etc. Worse than that was the daily embarrassing of my kid when he tried to be engaged in the class discussions – part of the grade. Daily bullying by the teacher. It all started when he referred to people who have entered our country illegally as “illegal aliens”. They are still children people. Of course her agenda backfired with my child, he now KNOWS that he is not a liberal!! He’s more conservative than ever, and he got to research the life of Ben Carson. And my aunt – a recently retired senior level AP teacher has been teaching him how to write papers.

  50. That hateful teacher has shown extremely poor judgement, and needs to be fired. The principle needs to show better judgement than to allow a hateful bully to ruin kids.

  51. I’m 66 and remember in high school having discussions in class even when the class subject had nothing to do with the discussions. Generally before the class started. They were always civil and not demeaning. It seems respectful discourse no longer exists and therefore the teacher should keep to the subject matter. The teacher is there to teach the subject not indoctrinate.

  52. The teach should have to apologize to an assembly of all the students that might not have had the opportunity to understand that she was disciplined.

  53. Glad this happened. The child should pay for the sins of her bimbo mother. Can’t believe she isn’t pregnant yet like her big sis was. Trump is an ass and so is Sarah. Fuckin idiots!! Great teachers like this are hard to come by.

  54. Do any of you realize how humiliating it was for the teacher to apologize to Sara’s husband for what he said?? Much worse than getting fired. Good on the principal. We need more like him.

  55. Yea, my wife had the same problem at a Junior High School, regarding some issue with my daughters paperwork. One day my wife went back as nothing was being done and all these other parents with similar issue were outside and when the principal saw my wife coming, he tried to get the other parents to move inside knowing my wife was gonna tell him off and dam whoever heard. But when she started to talk to him, he tried to tell them that my wife was crazy etc, but when they heard that our story was the same as theirs they quickly took sides with my wife and demanded that everyone sit in one room and hear the lame excuses they were trying to make.

    Yes indeed, and if their was an issue that needed an enforcer, a menacing presence and eyes that said, ” imagine the the moon is nigh full, shall we resolve this or do I transform into something akin to a lion protecting its young from Bureaucratic Hyenas and Jackals? She would call me and they never believe in any situation that I would show up, but my family was more important then anything going on. So the game was often afoot.

  56. Parents should home school since our school system has become infested with liberals who can’t leave their personal views out of the classroom.

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