VIDEO: Watch NBC’s New Anti-Trump “Feature” Videos

Conservatives are blasting NBC for a pair of videos featuring children expressing their “fears” about the Trump presidency, calling the videos “propaganda” (via Fox News).

Check it out:

The videos show kids saying things such as “Most of my family is black. I’m afraid that you’re gonna hurt some of us blacks,” “You are here, attempting to white-wash America,” “You’re going to separate me away from the rest of my family, and I really don’t want [that] because I love them too much.”

The videos begin with one youth offering faint praise, then continue with a barrage of children expressing despair and fear over Trump and his policies.

The conservative outlet CNS ran a story that said: “NBC News handpicked anti-Trump tykes for two propaganda videos to make it appear that every child in America thinks President Trump is an ignorant racist and threat to the country.”

CNS said NBC seems to have gone out of its way to present all children as being terrified of a Trump-led nation.

Watch the video below:


  1. NBC is despicable! Using children like that is just wrong, and the kids don’t know how they’ve been exploited. These kids have been told how wise and smart they are. Ha!

  2. These producers are making these kids say idiotic things…..These left wing radicals are twisting everything the President says . What the hell is wrong with the President saying he wants the children to live and learn in a safe environment ? PLEASE TELL ME ANYBODY !!!!

  3. What the kids should be saying!
    “Mr President Please protect me from other blacks that want to kill me because i am

    “Mr President Please build the wall to keep us safe!”

    “Mr President Please keep out all the Muslims, They want to take over our country and rule over us and Kill us!”

  4. Where in the world did these children get these ideas? Who is feeding them this propaganda and creating their unreasonable fears of the future. What do they know about the impact of illegal immigration and its impact on violent crime? What do they know about the welfare system that rewards doing nothing over gainful employment. Where do these kids think the “free” stuff comes from or do the even care. Out of their mouth comes the socialist mindset which is a failed experiment everywhere it has been tried. Of these who are immigrants, why did their parents bring them here in the first place. Not to change us into where they came from I’m sure. They fled their countries to enjoy the freedoms a democracy provides. The democracy just held a free election and they should abide by the law of our land. If what you had was so good go back. if you want change so much change your former country however you like.

  5. Children aren’t fully formed individuals. They will say what they are told to say in reaction to their instinct to survive. They do not have fully informed thoughts or perspectives on how the world works and cannot be expected to have genuinely salient political thought processes. Though they are perfect for use as tools to trigger an emotional response toward a given agenda and particular goals and outcomes they are not the people we should be looking to for clarity on how to effectively cope with reality.

  6. These kids are just either reading or speaking what they were told to say. They are too Young to understand politics and what’s going on

  7. You feed the children hateful lies about Trump…making them unduly fearful. Then you USE them, by videoing them expressing the fears you fed them. This is unconscionable!

  8. Are we to believe that these youngsters have the experience, depth, and maturity to understand ANYTHING regarding policies and practices and their effects, in government? No, just like the violent anti-Trump “protesters” all they “know” is what they’ve been led to believe!!! This is shameless!!!

  9. Selling these false narratives is why people call the news fake. Good job NBC for reinforcing the mistrust people have of the media.

  10. This is absolutely disgusting. The classroom is suppose to be used to educate not brainwash. So thankful I homeschooled and this is actually a great advertisement to encourage other parents to do the same. To use children like this is disgusting and they did it with tax payer money because look at the backgrounds of these images..

  11. I don’t think these kids are allowed to watch what the president really speaks.Instead they are fed BS from their parents .. Kinda sad if you ask me ..

  12. Please, Mr. President, make the national debt go down by 12 million EVERY month, and completely erase Odouchebag’s “legacy” of treasonous destruction. …

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