Two Children Were Just Seriously Injured After Dakota Pipeline Protestors Did THIS…

Police forced protestors out of a makeshift camp in North Dakota and made some arrests in the process after protestors defied numerous orders to leave the property, per Fox News.

Two children, a 7-year-old and a 17-year-old, had to receive medical attention after remaining protestors set fire to the rest of the campsite. The 17-year-old was airlifted to Minneapolis because of the severity of her injuries.

Check it out:

The raids came after the eviction orders were unenforced for at least a day. Hundreds left peacefully on Wednesday after the 2 p.m. deadline, and 10 were arrested hours later after they taunted cops. But out of the tens of thousands that once called this prairie home, Gov. Doug Burgum said late Wednesday that 50 remained.

But hours later, 18 National Guardsmen and dozens of law officers entered the camp from two directions, along with several law enforcement and military vehicles. A helicopter and airplane flew overhead.

Officers checked structures and began arresting people, putting them in vans to take to jail. About two dozen people were arrested in the first half hour of the operation, according to Levi Bachmeier, a Burgum adviser.

North Dakota originally offered protesters a carrot. If they agreed to leave peacefully, they would receive a hotel room and bus ticket to anywhere in the U.S. As of Wednesday night, none had taken it. They also offered a courtesy or ‘ceremonial arrest’ for anyone needing a picture for their Facebook page. Again, no takers.

Here is another example of a moment in which the left is inciting violence, despite constantly accusing Trump and his supporters of doing so.

Two children were just seriously injured by these supposedly “peaceful” protests.

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The hypocrisy is astounding.



      • Yes sure. They protested and left several tons of debris that has to be cleaned up or it will run off into the very river they are trying to ‘save’.

    • If you knew the facts you would know this is not about stealing the land. The land is not theirs. The dispute is over the pipeline being near their land. They are claiming it could endanger the water supply. Fact is the route they wanted would have been closer. Learn facts and don’t be a sheep!

        • The Indian tribe in question try to get more money out of the company the company refused after working very hard with the tribe to find the right spot when the Indian tribe did not get more money that is when they started false information including reports of this being on burial grounds. So as to your question the protests came about because of a lot of false information. That is wrong and people have been hurt. It is not justified!

  1. Air and Water Protectors ; What should we do with the propane tank IED’s we made? Let’s burn them in a (ceremonial) fire with a whole lot of plastic.


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