Historic College Band Berated for Inauguration Performance, So Students Did THIS

The Marching Band at Talladega College took matters into their own hands this month after receiving intense criticism for choosing to participate in Donald Trump’s Presidential Inauguration.

Talladega College is the oldest private historically black college in Alabama. The institution was hit with a firestorm of backlash from alumni after it was announced that the band would travel to DC to perform.

So together, they created a GoFundMe page with the intent of funding their trip.

Check it out: https://www.gofundme.com/great-tornado-to-inaugural-parade

The group had raised $358,251 as of this morning to cover travel costs and lodging during their time in Washington.

The Talladega Marching Tornados are one of 40 groups that will march in the parade the day of inaugural activities.

Billy Hawkins, Talladega College President, had this to say (via Breitbart):

“They’ve said that I have shamed the college by making this decision, and I’ve had folks to say that I’m a disgrace to my African-American race. It’s been pretty nasty.”

It’s pretty amazing the things people become outraged by these days.

Good for the Talladega Tornados for defending their opportunity to play a part in history.