Political Analyst Just Made ABSURD Claim About Steve Bannon..

One of CNN’s political analyst is going after White House chief strategist Steve Bannon for a comment he made during his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Bannon explained how the Trump administration is going to focus on the “economist, nationalist agenda of Trump.”

Political analyst, David Gregory, had this to say in response (per Newbusters):

But that didn’t sit well with some of CNN’s political analysts; particularly with David Gregory, who condemned Bannon on Anderson Cooper 360 claiming that “The language of the uniqueness of American culture is this kind of white nationalist language to me that harkens back to the kind of language we’ve heard before.”

Gregory goes on to question Bannon’s worldview:

There is a worldview there that I think will trouble a lot of Trump opponents about the uniqueness of America somehow being separated from our — the history of being such a multicultural society. A welcoming society and a society that assimilates outsiders really well. Assimilates immigrants really, really well there is a comparison to the vulnerability of Europe that somehow we are the same. And I think immigrants assimilate into America both economically, socially, and culturally much better than other countries as part of the greatness of this country.

Symone Sanders joined Gregory on the panel and had this to say:

“I still believe that we have put white supremacy in the White House with Steve Bannon. So it looked temperate on that stage today but,” Sanders continued before being cut off by moderator Anderson Cooper, who pressed her on the veracity of her claims of white supremacy.

When asked for a specific example to support her claim of “white supremacy,” Sanders was unable to do so.

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