President Obama Is At The Center Of A National Joke In France. See Why

<> on November 24, 2015 in Washington, DC.

A petition is circulating in France for President Obama to become president of the European country, per Daily Mail.

The petition calls for one million signatures. 500 posters affiliated with the campaign have been hung throughout Paris.

Check it out:

The website says the former commander-in-chief ‘has the best resume in the world for the job’.

‘We wish to strike a blow by electing a foreign president at the head of our beautiful country,’ the website reads.

‘Barack Obama has completed his second term as president of the United States… why not hire him as president for France?’

The creators of the petition have conceded that the campaign is actually a joke, but that it began out of frustration over the candidates currently in the race.

‘We were thinking about French politics and saying that we were fed up with the fact that we all the time had to vote against someone and how it would be cool to be able to vote for someone we admire. We came up with Obama,’ one creator said.

‘It’s definitely a joke. But it could make people think a little bit about what we could do differently in French politics… the idea was to make people wake up.’

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    • “Couldn’t he just disappear…” and moochelle… and the clintoons… and algore… and “plugs” biden… and… and… and… And that’s just a start among those dimm politicians currently out of office… Add incumbent dimms along with the “Whorelywood” elite and legacy media types… The list is nearly endless…

      They should pool all their money, purchase Saint Paul Island in the Indian Ocean and move there… Saint Paul Island is geographically the furthest piece of land from the United States of America… Absolutely on the opposite side of the world (measured in any direction) from the center of our country…

      • I like this idea. I’ve always aid to put them on an island with no way off, no food, no water, no hunting/fishing equipment and let them survive off the land.
        They can live in huts built from branches.

  1. Well Obama sure woke up at least half of America. The other half still trying to figure out how to get their heads from their butts.

  2. Don’t they have enough problems with Muslims ? And they want him who let more undocumented Muslims come into the US than any President in US history to be their President. Yeah the guy who set race relations in the US all the way back to the way they were back in the 60’s.

    • The whole idea of the joke was to wake them people up. It sure would wake me right up if a joke was circulating saying obummer had another chance of becoming head dictator again.

      • Wake them up… Wake them up? These are the same folks who sat in tunnels and behind the Maginot Line to “stop” the German tanks in the Spring of 1940 while those tanks went around them… Wake them up? Not in this lifetime…

  3. I personally can not think of one place that deserves to have Obama, unless it’s in the hands of Hitler, should he still be alive

  4. YES, then when France and Obama are in trouble, they will be asking Trump and America to help them…That will actually be great.

  5. A million muslim signatures should be easily obtained in a day or two.Goodby Frenches ,still manning the maginot line!

  6. To even consider such a “joke”. shows the level of depravity in the body politic of Europe. Having been delivered from Islam by defeating Saladin, they have surrendered their country to Islam, becomming a third world spectacle of dissolution.

  7. Yes, YES, let him go do for the French what he has done for America. Tear down race relations, tear down the best medical system in the world, force businesses out of the country. Oh yes, PLEASE take him away from us……

  8. Actually i would like this idea if Iran or North Korea want him as president. We have shed too much blood in france to have it destroyed.

  9. Obama is the worst of them all he stole 10 trillion dollars, and that is so much money you can’t hide it but nobody seems to be looking for it. The interest payment on that money is more than four times all the gold in Fort Knox. Do you think we can ever get out from under that debt. If we default on that debt the government collapses. Just think what happens if our country cannot import because no country will sell us anything on credit. At least Trump is trying to bring back our manufacturing and energy production to make us self sufficient. But look at all the people who are working as hard as they can to remove Trump and no one has mentioned the debt. We seem to be following the Communist play book towards collapse but I don’t think Russia or China wants that. Both countries have barely got their economies rebuilt. I think Russia sees the danger of an American collapse and that is why they are arming to the teeth. China needs stable trading partners they have more than a billion people to feed and cloth.

    I feel sorry for all those people who are desperate to remove Trump because they have been whipped into a frenzy by a corrupt lying and stupid media. They are like a cattle stamped running towards a cliff at full speed trying to warn them gets you trampled.

  10. What a disaster. The fate of France would be implosion. If that’s what they want. “have at it.” France has totally forgotten how The United States of America saved their sorry asses from Hitler. They wouldn’t even be on the map if it had not been for us.

  11. If those idiots want Obama they are welcome to him. If they keep him long enough they will become a third world country begging for financial help from the rest of the world. Anyone in France would be better than Obama, bar none.

  12. It sounds like something Obama would do,
    he tried to take over the U.S. with his there is no radical Muslims. Paris has fallen to the Muslim immigrants. A ready made kingdom for him to lead.

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