Two Iditarod Contenders Make Headlines For The Unusual Connection…

Dallas Seavey with his lead dog Beatle after crossing under the burled arch in Nome, Alaska to win the 2014 Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race on Tuesday, March 11, 2014. (Bob Hallinen/Anchorage Daily News/MCT via Getty Images)

A father and son, 27 years apart, are one another’s biggest rivals in the upcoming Iditarod challenger—a trail sled dog race to be held in March.

Either Mitch or Dallas Seavey has won the challenger every year for five years, so the two don’t talk mushing strategy—an unprecedented rivalry not just for the Iditarod, but sports in general.

Check it out (via ADN):

“I will never let him win. I will flight him tooth and nail to the finish line,” said Mitch, standing outside of a two-story home he rented over the winter in the sparsely populated community of Willow, located just down the street from his son, Dallas. One day, he joked, he will plant spies at Dallas’ kennel…

While the Seaveys talk all the time, certain topics remain “off limits,” including race strategies and training plans. They even refuse to tell one another how far they last ran their dogs.

Sure, they’re family, but they’re also fierce competitors.




  1. This could throw a person into a real state of conflict! How could I root for anybody over Dallas?? But..but..I’ve loved Mitch Seavey for. ever. I guess I’d better not let myself talk about it.
    Go Teams Seavey!


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