Nancy Pelosi Makes Headlines AGAIN About Trump Impeachment, Here’s What She Said…

Nancy Pelosi has made it clear that she is going to do everything she can to stop Donald Trump rather than try to find common ground to get something done.

In fact, not only is she planning to obstruct Trump, she’s looking for ways to get Trump out of office before his term ends.

Check out what she had to say this week about impeachment…

It looks like this is the direction the left is heading going forward.

It is unclear whether or not Pelosi is aware that Democrats can’t move impeachment forward without control of Congress.

H/T Weasel Zippers 


  1. Just to be clear…does she want to impeach Trump or Bush? Hate to say it but Alzheimer victims tend to forget the present but remember the past.

  2. Even though there may have been [MAY have been, mind you] reason to impeach Obama I was of the realization that there were no where near the 67 votes in the Senate to remove him so why bother. She doesn’t realize that the Dems don’t even hold a majority in the House where impeachment proceedings must start?? [SMH]

  3. She is just ignorant! Oh his supporters are not as bright as the liberal? My ass we all woke up and said enough is enough and we are tired of not being heard! Dems need to get over theirselves and work with our POTUS not against him. All they are doing is putting us in more danger. Damn brain dead leftists!

  4. It is time to expose Nancy Pelosi for the Obstructionist that she is along with Schumer and Elizabeth Warren. We could get so much done without these interruptions.

    • This is what I am saying. These assholes in CA elect all THE SHITTY-EST candidates. Pelosi, Frankenstein, MoonBeam the Moron. CA is definitely for the health food jet-set… nothing but Flakes, Fruits and NUTS here.


  5. They are SO mad that the nation rejected them and they just don’t know how to deal with it. Someone needs to give them all a blankie, a participation trophy and some crayons and coloring books in a safe space so they can just cuddle up and suck their thumbs for the next 8 years.

    • DON’T forget their straight jackets.. or maybe we should get gay-jackets for them. Just so they don’t feel left out… just saying

  6. Even American school children know there are insufficient votes in the House for impeachment and insufficient votes in the Senate for a conviction. Nutty Nancy is just wasting everyone’s time again…

  7. Can we the people impeach this pos, she has done very little if any good for this country. We have homeless by the thousands, isis going crazy, families struggling to make ends meet. Of all the things in this world she chooses along with the Dems to ignore and attack the President. Sad world we live in.

  8. Ok Let’s impeach a president that has only been in office for 5 weeks who is following through on what he ran on. He is working on getting businesses to come back, lowering taxes, getting rid of Obama care, putting God back into our country and getting illegal criminals out. Most importantly a threat to their liberal views and he is a republican. They had a chance to impeach a president who broke the law over and over. One example – he paid a ransom to terrorist for the release of Burgdal. He was responsible for the death of 4 people in Bengahzi, the deal with Iran and so on. Then there was another one who broke the law by lying under oath. Had sex with and intern in the oval office. Had many shadey deals that were never investigated. But they chose to not impeach the ones that actually broke the laws. They happened to be Obama and Clinton – democrats

  9. I’m as old as dirt…and she’s 2 years my senior. Why is she still in office? She needs to go home and invest in a rocking chair and a lap dog. (What am I thinking…no dog deserves that…maybe knitting needles). How much longer until her eyes pop out of her head?

  10. Keep that hollow-eyed, face-lifted b***h talking. Every word that comes out of her mouth is evil and foolish. Her and Dirty Harry must be siblings. They are surely rats of the same DNA.

    The masks are coming off. Time to choose, America.

  11. Don’t they think they are jumping the gun just a bit? The guy hasn’t been in for six months, let alone a year. You never know what’s going to happen in any circumstance….just saying

  12. Actually, she is only saying this because she can’t read the POLL NUMBERS.Most American’s are happy so far. I am…


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