President Trump Just Met With Black Leaders From Across The Nation. Mainstream Media Is SILENT

President Trump met with leaders from Historically Black Colleges and Universities yesterday, per Weasel Zippers.

The group requested that the president send more contracts and federal grants their way, among other things, prior to a short meeting with Vice President Mike Pence. They’ll meet with GOP lawmakers today.

Check it out:

“Anything that the Trump administration could do to channel more federal dollars in form of grants and contracts to and through the HBCUs would really benefit our institutions and in many cases, our communities, as well,” said Mickey L. Burnim, president of Bowie State University, in Bowie, Md.

The Vice President expressed a sincere desire to support HBCUs.

“Know that beginning today, this administration is committed to ensuring that historically black colleges and universities get the credit and the attention they deserve,” Pence said after the meeting. “Our administration at the president’s direction is working to find new ways to expand your impact so that more students, especially in the underserved communities of this country, have a chance at a quality education.”

Watch the video below:


  1. Bashing Kellyanne fits their agenda – they haven’t figured out how to negatively spin what the President has done in ONE day for HBCU’s that BHO failed to do in 8 years!

  2. This president is so incredibly well named when it comes to dealing with the legacy media… He literally “TRUMPS” them at every single turn… (Hmmm… Maybe we could design, publish and sell a Bridge pair of decks of playing cards with PRESIDENT TRUMP on the back side and 104 LSM media or whorelewood “personalities” on the fronts with their heads exploding… Gotta look into that… =8-)

    They try their best (which ain’t much to write home about) to smear, demean or bash him… Every time, the very real person, PRESIDENT DONALD J. TRUMP comes through to those of us who are sick and tired of slick-lipped (or any other appropriate body part) politicians who cannot be trusted to actually complete their statement when they say that they are going to the bathroom…

    Is our president gonna make mistakes? Sure…
    Is he gonna say things we wish he hadn’t? Youbetcha…
    Are there gonna be DJT episodes where we want to run for the tall grass? OH! YEAH!

    But in all things, at last we have a president whose word we can depend on… We may not always like it, but we don’t need to worry that he’s gonna tell us that we can keep our insurance plan and doctor when he knows full well we cannot…

    THAT to me is a welcome change… We’ll survive the occasional bumps but in the long run our country — and by extension our people — will be one whole heckuva better off than if miss shrillery had been elected…

  3. No, they were not silent. They took it upon themselves to say that there was disrespect for the office (by Kellyanne), for taxpayer funded couches, and for ladylike behavior. They didn’t mention the meeting, or the progress, but they SURELY mentioned the feet on the couch! Just like them!!

  4. That’s so awesome! I really sincerely hope that many good things comes from this meeting. I really want the best for the black communities. I would like to hear from these men and women who leaders across our nation.

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