The Democrats Just Posted A New Video Of Hillary, And Liberals Are FUMING

The Democratic National Committee released a video on social media of Hillary Clinton last week, urging Democrats to continue fighting against the Trump Administration’s policies—and liberal reactions have been glorious.

Check it out (via Red Alert Politics):

These responses are social media gold:

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  1. I doubt Bernie would have won. If he’d been allowed to win the primary, which he rightfully should have – regardless of how I feel about him – Trump would have had a plan to beat him too. That’s the only reason he beat Hillary; he had a *plan* to win. Personally, it’s my opinion that Bernie would have been much, much easier to beat than Hillary.

    • My only thought is that Bernie actually had a message. Hillary got beat because she had no message and Trump did. I’m not sure Bernie would have been beat. He had a message, whether you agree with it or not.

      • given the way the voter turnout went, Bernie would have only won the same states that Hillary won. Yes he would have had the popular vote, but so did Hillary. Only her votes were in states where it didn’t matter. Ca was going democrat no matter what as was New York. Since we have the Electoral College, the end result would have been the same.

      • i did notice that in Bernie’s ramblings he was aware of the economic issues and he broadcast the problems similar to Trump. I know one of my nephews was enthralled by him. However if he had run he would have had to state solutions for the problems. i suspect his socialist big government approach would not have worked well after obama.

      • It’s true that Hillary had no message, but Trump called her out on it. Bernie had a message, sure, but it was a terrible message, and Trump would have called him out on that.

      • A message of socialism isn’t a message of hope it’s a message of government takeover. Bernie wouldn’t have won

  2. According to the liberals until today Hillary was the “savior” of this country. I got news for you liberals it’s the way you’ve acted and continue to act that will help President Trump win again in 2020.


  4. My favorite was “let the new generation run our party.” I have to assume he was a Bernie supporter. I guess compared to Methuselah, Bernie is a new generation.

  5. Hillary is great.
    Democrats should allow her to rig the next nomination as well so she can lose to Trump in 2020!
    Hillary is the best friend Republicans have. lololol
    Bill doesn’t get to rape anyone else though. Thats just wrong.

    • Uhm, I’m not sure about our FAVORITE friend Laurie; after all, we have Pelosi off her meds, Waters blathering as usual and let’s not forget all the riots .. care of left-wing pockets.

      — she is VERY close though as long as she keeps talking.

      • Don’t forget that MoonBeam is seriously hitting the chronic out in CA… in between begging the Republican’s for money since they don’t bother to keep our infrastructure in shape; more money for illegals… fuc all these assholes.

  6. Maybe if the Lib”s read this and pay attention they will realize the Demo’s are setting them up to do all the dirty work and then turn on them like they did to Bernie

    • U mean back to when they ran the South? Bunch of backwards assholes. STOP believing these people – THEY DO NOT have your best interest in mind. Go research before you vote – read – read – read. DON’T believe what you hear, or what you see. INVESTIGATE IT. TEACH YOURSELF to make an INFORMED DECISION. NOT an emotional decision.

  7. Oh man this is pure gold . Trot Bernie out for 2020 he’ll be about 102 years old or whatever , he should have 4-5 houses by then of course on American’s tax dollars . The dems crack me up , thanks for todays laugh .

  8. Wow, this is so obviously staged and forced!! Not a smidgen of authenticity or sincerity here!! Hillary is so used to placating with lies she can’t even be real about it. She makes me want to puke! Glad she’s gone May it be for good!

  9. she’s had another face lift… got a hefty brow lift this time… starting to look a bit odd… a few more and she’ll start to take on that animal like jaw bone

  10. No Demon-crat would have won, because America was fed up with the baby murdering homos and their fowl behavior. Thank God he sent us Mr. DONALD J. TRUMP just in time to save us from the demons !!

  11. I am literally going to throw up! Funny how she is bringing God into it after ignoring God all these years. Don’t know how a Democrat could still be a Democrat. Is she honestly thanking Donna when Donna did what she did. What is wrong with these people??😲

  12. if it wasn’t for bernie supporting the muslim invasion, i would have voted for him, i instead voted trump as a result, will never vote for any candidate that is pro islam, period, ever

    • Ralph . . . WAKE UP !

      The entire Democrat party is pro-islam. The hardcore Democrats hate America — you haven’t figured that out ? ? ?

      • That is what Yomama meant when he said, ” We are going to FUNDAMENTALLY CHANGE America.” He meant that they were conducting a coup – taking over America – re-writing the U.S. Constitution.

        Remember what he said on that HOT MIC to Putin, “I will have much more latitude after the [second] election.”

        These guys aren’t even socialists anymore, they are STRAIGHT OUT COMMUNISTS. As such I vote to give them one (1) cigarette and a blindfold before facing a firing squad in front of a brick-wall.

        Hey, maybe we can have Mexico pay for that wall too. Now THERE’S a thought. Let’s put that on a petition for the next election.

  13. I just want some clarification, was this video her public position or her private position on this subject? It’s all so confusing…

  14. Democrats have been trounced in every midterm election since 2010 so why is it such a stretch for Hillary to lose? All of these liberal temper tantrums that you see everyday will just guarantee another defeat for them in 2018. When they reelected Nancy Pelosi as their leader again that just shows they still have not learned anything…it’s time the Democrat party swept out the politicians that have led the way into defeat.

  15. Keep it up Hillary and Obama. The more we see you the more we know we made the right decision. They’ve managed to have lost over 1000 seats in all branches of government. Remember when they blamed it on a video? Now the democrats can blame their loses on Hillary’s and Obama’s videos. As long as they have an excuse, because they certainly don’t have a plan and never have one. 🙂

    • Yeah, the difference between really, really BAD government and ok/good government, that is learning to get better and better really fast. Like 5 weeks fast!

    • Actually, she is more like a bad case of syphilis: left to rot and fester it eventually kills you. The Democratic party is rotting and festering from within; they have a bad case of STDs, metaphorically speaking of course. BTW – NO antibiotic is gonna cure this case of the clap…

  16. Hillary has a lot of baggage and should be in jail. one thing that seems more and more apparent to me about the DNC is that they have failed to learn from this election. Government and corruption should not be used for payoffs. Government should not use social “progress” as an excuse for this, and further Government should be much, much more than a driver for social agendas that nobody really wants. Government should be about economics, helping the economy, providing security and stability to it’s citizens. Would bernie have won, i doubt it for some of the same reasons hillary lost, among them a divided party. Hillary says the democrats are diverse, i call them splintered.

  17. Finally quit crying long enough to sit down and have this little chat with your minions? You are definitely better as an armchair president!

  18. Gag me with a spoon!…If she wasn’t a Clinton, she would be in prison…It’s not about the voters, it’s all about her and the politicians who exempt themselves from the laws that they impose on everyone outside the government.

  19. OMGoodness. She sounds just like the Oscars. Hollywood elites just patting each other on the back about how wonderful they all are. DC is no different than Hollywood. She is the 1%. Hollywood and DC ARE THE 1% you all scrap about.

  20. Hillary just rambles, she had no message during the election and she had no message during this video. She talked about the same stale ideas, which were none, that she did that was soundlu rejected my the majority of the country. She won big in the already socialist states of California and New York but those states alone will not put her in the WH. She is, was, and always will be an also ran cor the presidwncy or any other elected office outside of the States that elect people like Chuckie Schumer, Maxine Wawa, the old bitty that embrasses herself everytime she opens her mouth – “you’ve got to pass the bill to find out what’s in the bill” Pelosi! The states that wvery rational person laughs at.

  21. Yep, turn the Democrats over to the next generation, as exemplified by 74-year-old Bernie Sanders, 67-year-old Pocahontas Warren, 67-year-old Chuck Schumer and 76-year-old Nancy Pelosi. Go back to 85-year-old “new” socialist ideas first espoused by FDR.

    What a laugh.

  22. Bernie is a Democratic Socialist. When I first heard that it triggered an old memory so I looked it up. That was the name of the of the Communist party of Russia until the minority Bolsheviks took it over and changed its name. They brought us Lenin, Stalin and the murder of millions of Russians, Ukrainians, Poles and Czechs to say nothing of the tens of thousands killed in the name of Socialism in the western hemisphere. When I was a kid Bernie would have been imprisoned as a communist.

  23. The very first line out of her mouth “thank you for coming together to represent our party at it’s best” Has she seen how the party is being represented? Cry babies throwing tantrums and doing violence and calling for others to do violence? Women parading around with vaginas on their heads?


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