Liberals Push for $15 An Hour, Wendy’s Responds With CRUSHING BLOW…

1,000 Wendy’s restaurants across the nation will be installing self-ordering machines at the end of 2017, per Fortune.

This news comes as liberals have spent years fighting for a minimum wage increase, calling for a “living wage” of $15 per hour, per Hot Air.

Chief Information Officer David Trimm said the average location will receive three machines. The machines are expected to decrease labor costs and increase overall sales.

Check it out:

“They are also trying to enhance the customer experience. Younger customers prefer to use a kiosk,” he said, the ColumbusDispatch reports. The move will help the company get data about its customers and could potentially help east long lines during peak hours.

The technology they’ll be testing in Ohio is already being used in Europe and Asia, and will be an inevitable change for other chains as well if at any point the minimum wage increases nationally.